Victor He: Where is the way of live broadcast economy under the mobile Internet era?

Published on : 15 March 2017

2017 was considered as the "first-year" of a mobile live broadcast by many. The mobile live broadcast platform has sprung up like a wave of explosion. The host has also become a new promising career option. However, under the mobile internet era, how will live economy develop, and how will prospects be? On March 14th, Victor He, the CEO of Scienjoy, was interviewed by to share his opinion about "Live economy in the mobile internet era."

Victor He talked about the live economy in the mobile internet era.

Victor He, the CEO of Scienjoy, with Luxin Xiao, the host of 

Talking about trends

Mobile Internet and live video are the trend of future social platforms.

Victor He believed that live video has a very good advantage. It is while the live video is broadcasted, the host interacted with users and fans in real time. Instead of using traditional methods such as text, pictures and short videos, the interaction are usually asynchronous. The interaction from live videos is synchronized and in real-time. The host and fans can have a better interaction experience. Live video is the future trend of development and the direction for social products.

Victor He said that our live products are based on the concept of real-time interaction of mobile videos. We met two points, one is mobile, and the other is live video. At present, the number of mobile internet users exceeds several hundred million. With the popularity of 4G and WIFI and the launch of 5G, the problem of the rate and broadband which limit the development of live videos in the past has been solved. The mobile internet is the future trend of development, which is the reason why live broadcast was chosen as the direction of development.

Talking about technology

5G will become a booster of the development of the mobile live broadcast industry

In the interview, Victor He said that 5G is expected to start commercialization around 2020. Everyone noticed that 5G would increase the rate a lot, including the increase of speed, flows, and broadband. 5G also has the characteristics of low latency and massive access. The update of these technologies will be beneficial to the innovation of the video live broadcast industry, such as the combination of AR as well as VR technology and live video. At present, AR and VR technology will bring about problems of taking up too much broadband and long delays, which will worsen users' experience. The launching of 5G can provide low latency, massive access, and a better experience for users.

"This year, the domestic roaming charges for mobile phones will be canceled. The Internet speed-up and fee reduction in recent years, as well as the development of 5G, have played a role in promoting the mobile live broadcast industry," Xiaowu said.

Victor He communicated with the host.

Talking about entrepreneurship

How to retain talent is the biggest problem encountered in entrepreneurship.

"Entrepreneurship is actually a challenging and painful thing”. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Victor He admitted that there had been an idea to start a business since 2011. During this time, entrepreneurship encountered various problems and difficulties. The earliest launch was a mobile social product - Showself, and later it transformed into a live broadcast called Showself, which was a product in the field of live industry. Why was it transformed? Because we met the difficulties which may influence the survival and development of the enterprise. And this involved the final decision of the business model. For example, transformed or not? It was a question about the choice.

He also talked about the capital and financial problem, which usually arose during the entrepreneurship. "I remember in 2012 and 2013, the office had to move six times to save expenses. Sometimes we borrowed offices from friends because of free rent, and sometimes we found some special low-rent offices to save money, especially remote areas. The purpose was to use the money on the blade where it was most needed," Victor He said.

"For the entrepreneurial team, the founding team and the choice of partner are critical, which can decide the survival and development of the entire company in the future." Victor He also said that our core team has no contradictions. We can open our hearts and solve problems directly because we all have a common goal to make the company better and make this business bigger.

Finally, Victor He said that for entrepreneurship, there might be many difficulties, such as financial issues, a stable talent team, or the difficulty of choosing business models. However, these difficulties can be solved and overcome.

Talking about responsibility

Video broadcasters must do things in mainstream values

"There is some negative energy in the live broadcast industry. However, for a company that wanted to develop continuously, it must be within the scope of mainstream values." Victor He believed that operating a company should be down-to-earth and avoid hasty decisions. In his view, live broadcast is a legitimate business and operates within the scope of mainstream values. Thus, with sustained development of the company, it would also bring benefits to society. For example, a company can absorb social employment, pay taxes according to the law, and so on. Victor He introduced more than 80,000 hosts in the live broadcast platform of Scienjoy. Although we have not wholly solved their employment problems, they can express themselves through live broadcasts. Also, we can partially solve the employment problem.

Victor He also said that enterprises could do more in giving back to society as far as they can. According to his words, Scienjoy cooperated with the Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation to set up a special fund called "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World" to fund disabled children, especially deaf-mute children. Both sides have reached a long-term plan to donate to these disabled people, especially children, to help them.