Victor He, the founder of Showself: The important responsibility of the live broadcast

Published on : 10 March 2017

In 2016, the live broadcast industry was becoming increasingly popular, and the concept of "Everyone can take live broadcast" is widely known. Victor He, who started the live broadcast business in 2014, was mentioned. Not many people know about him, but when talking about their company's products, "Showself," many individuals feel familiar with it. "Showself" currently has such strong attractions among young generations.

The primary impression of He Xioawu, the founder of Showself, commented on by many people, is gentle behavior, easygoing attitude, quick and logical thinking, humorous words, and talented. "Showself" grows from nothing to a popular product to a famous brand "Showself Entertainment." As the surgeon of the products, Victor He witnessed and experienced this process.

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Start from zero: Take the opportunity keenly to create the "Showself Entertainment" brand.

Victor He is a low-key person. Even if the live broadcast is so popular, it is difficult to hear about him outside.

Victor He said that he was lucky in his business. He had a technology background, lived in Canada for eight years. And after returning home, he was responsible for the business promotion in Asia for a US-funded enterprise. Three years after that, he could not constrain his desire to start his own business with two classmates. Using his words, they are also "Chinese-style partners."

In traditional Chinese culture, everything is about right timing, geographical convenience, and harmonious human. The live industry can develop rapidly because of “All three are available”. And Victor He, as a member of an entrepreneur in the live broadcast industry, has the courage, the idea and keen grasp of the opportunity, thus making the famous brand “Showself Entertainment” now.

Seize the opportunity to create O2O entertainment service which integrates online and offline.

As the featured products of "Showself entertainment "brand, "Showself" now has thousands of female hosts online, which is a platform that is seven days 24 hours available to provide live broadcast service. Users can be synchronized, watch live videos in real-time, communicate, and interact during the viewing process.

Mentioning the ecological model of "Showself," Victor He said, "Showself" has been attracting more users to participate in through the integration of online and offline. "While improving service quality, we also need to ensure the stability of 'Showself' and maintain exciting content. And thus, it is a closed-loop, which transports high-quality content from offline to online, deeply combines traditional performance and economy, and forming the new model of O2O entertainment service. "Victor He said.

Facing the challenge: "Differentiation" creates the live show of the community.

By September 13, 2016, statistics cite that Beijing had 203 active live broadcast platforms in major application markets. The homogenization of the entire live broadcast industry is however a serious issue. How to stand out in this industry pattern and get out of a new path is a huge challenge for Victor He and his team.

Victor He mentioned that in the era of "Internet +", technology is the first driving force for the development of webcasting, while financial capital provides material security, and users act as the basis for the tech development. “User” refers to both the host and consumer in the live broadcast platform. To address homogenization issue in the live broadcast industry, “differentiation” is a possible solution, as “Showself” seeks to provide a different experience to the “live show of the community”. "Showself" also allows ordinary people to have the opportunity to realize their idol dream through live broadcast.

There are many competitors in the live broadcast industry and the market is fierce. “Showself” has grown rapidly on a solid foundation and maintained a high growth rate. “Differentiated” live broadcast is believed to be both a secret to success and one of the charms of “Showself Entertainment”.

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Create an entertainment brand with a live show

Due to the excellent development of "Showself," Never Quit made strategic investments in 2013 and 2014 and gradually acquired Showself. This had an enormous impetus to the development of the "Showself" and brought both capital and resource support.

When asked about how "Showself Entertainment" brand rose, Victor He said bluntly, Group Never Quit had made it clear that the focus of mobile entertainment strategy was the "Showself" based on the brand "Showself Entertainment." At present, "Showself Entertainment" has four major broadcast platforms, "Showself," "Lehai TV," "Haixiu TV," and "Hongle TV." These four have their own strengths, complement each other, and form coupling effects to jointly develop "Showself Entertainment".

Victor He said, changing the developing direction of "Showself" is based on the needs of the market, and its business model is not static. "I'm looking forward to the future of Showself".

A stable team is the soul of business development.

Victor He said that behind a right product, there must be a powerful team. A good team is the foundation of the success of the project. Ensuring team stability is the prerequisite of a successful business. Only on a stable basis can it have effective execution.

At present, the management team members of the "Showself" have rich experience in the Internet industry. A considerable number of people also have a background in living and learning overseas. This global vision plays a vital role in expanding the business.

Always passionate about entrepreneurship, Victor He and his team carefully chose the direction and field of entrepreneurship and did not blindly follow the trend. Although currently the mobile live industry is highly competitive, Victor He said that by leading the "Soul Team" to strive for excellence and continuous innovation, it is foreseeable to enlarge the "Showself Entertainment" brand and establish industry influence further.

[Talking about corporate vision and social responsibility]

The importance of responsibility: Controlling content security

At the same time of the rapid development of the live industry in 2016, some serious violations were reported by the media, and the society had a bad impression about the live industry. Besides, the relevant departments intensively introduced management measures: In September, SARFT reiterated that online variety show and live broadcast should comply with relevant regulations. In November, Cyberspace Administration of China issued the "Regulations on the Administration of Internet Live Broadcast Services". In December, the Ministry of Culture issued " Regulations on Administration of Internet Performance Activities".

In this regard, Victor He believed that on one hand, the appearance of the mobile live broadcast era is a technological transformation of life, reflecting the charm of technology. On the other hand, the live broadcast was filled with mud and chaos, which needed proper supervision and more self-discipline. “The barbaric growth is difficult to sustain, and the deceitful prosperity is the most likely to break.” All live broadcast platforms of “Showself Entertainment” strictly abided by national laws, regulations and related policies, and advocated industry self-discipline. We are the implementer and defender of the green live broadcast platform.

In addition, Victor He also advocated that all practitioners should abandon narrow utilitarianism, stand on the high ground of the era of science and technology to bravely take on social responsibilities, control the security of content and let the whole industry develop healthily and orderly.

More willingness to focus on the future than in the past.

The live broadcast industry is very competitive. And under the pressure of soaring costs, fierce competition, strict regulations, and policies, the entire industry will face a drastic reshuffle. Whoever, live broadcast platform or the host, will be eliminated if they still operated as same as before, which grew barbarically. In this environment, the live broadcast platform has both challenges and opportunities. Victor He said that "Showself" would continue to deepen its differentiation strategy and enrich the platform's high-quality content. In the aspect of technology, it is committed to continuously updating, providing users with the supreme user experience and more contents with social and ideological value and encouraging users to fully explore the potential of content creation. The mission of "Showself" is to provide a healthy, lively, and positive online platform for users. Regardless of the external environment, the "Showself" has not forgotten the original heart, as always, maintained and continued the characteristics of the green live broadcast platform. "Frankly speaking, compared to the past, I am more looking forward to the future of Showself Entertainment." After success, people should have grateful hearts.

Victor He said that no matter how significant the achievements are, should everyone remember social responsibilities.

During the rapid development, the company has received a lot of support and help. And we will not forget the social responsibility we should undertake and know how to be grateful to the society and give back to society. While creating the "Showself Entertainment" brand, we have been committed to public welfare with a modest attitude and an unobtrusive personality.

According to Victor He, in November 2016, together with the Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons, set up the special fund "Scienjoy Listening to the Voice of the World" to help the charity of the disabled in the capital.

Victor He promised that they would insist on public welfare undertakings and make charity happened in close relatives, but it will not stop there.