Scienjoy Attends Hangzhou Cultural & Creative Industry Expo to Showcase Social Metaverse

Published on : 28 November 2023
At the recent 17th Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, Scienjoy showcased its innovative gameplays and pioneering practices related to the social metaverse. With features such as 3D visualization, strong interactivity, and immersive experience, the social metaverse prioritizes scenario-based socializing, compared with the popular instant messaging social model. Therefore, the social metaverse allows users to share time and space on the virtual platform and engage in real-time interaction. By building open and diverse social scenarios, Scienjoy creates rich and colorful entertainment content, and leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance immersive user experience, allowing users to participate more deeply in the social metaverse. At the Hangzhou exposition, Scienjoy showcased the application of cutting-edge technologies such as AIGC, large models, and XR (extended reality) related to the social metaverse. As an editable world that is highly open, the social metaverse allows users to dominate the contents of its ecosystem and scenarios. By lowering the threshold for content creation and introducing AIGC and large models, Scienjoy provides users with an easier-to-operate creative space, enabling them to give full play to their creativity and develop digital content, virtual scenarios and social experiences that are exclusive to their personalities, characteristics and interests. Regarding the application of XR, Scienjoy has launched the "holographic album", which uses XR technology to scan real-world objects into the virtual space and display them in a 360° 3D manner – these objects can be trendy toys, figures, art collectibles, or even users themselves. The other way around, 3D printing technology is used to translate objects in the holographic album into real-world scenarios, achieving cross-dimensional experiences of "digital twin, digital symbiosis and digital native". In addition, in terms of exploring and innovating traditional culture, Scienjoy draws inspirations from China’s 5,000-year history, and uses new technologies to promote young, diverse, and personalized expressions of traditional cultural elements, thereby enriching the meanings and innovating the forms of cultural products. As a company that actively embraces the changing world, Scienjoy is boldly adapting to major changes in the metaverse. It will leverage cutting-edge AI technology to create a unique ecosystem of open metaverse platform to present more disruptive applications and experiences, allowing users to share time and space and engage in real-time interaction in the virtual world. In the future, Scienjoy will continue to explore the infinite possibilities of the social metaverse, combining traditional culture with modern technology to bring more novel and interesting experiences to users.