Corporate Social Responsibilities

Promoting Positive Content

Scienjoy is dedicated to ensuring contents across our platforms are positive, healthy, neutral, and unbiased for optimum user experience.

Embracing Traditional Culture

We value China’s traditional culture and actively support it with our business partners. Through live streaming across our platforms, we regularly cover traditional art performances, celebrations, and activities to help preserve China’s culture and maximize its exposure to our users.

Devoting to Public Welfare

Scienjoy is devoted to serving our community and giving back to society. Together with China’s Foundation for Disabled Persons, we have launched a charity program to financially support the employment, life, and education of the physically challenged people.

Setting Industry Standards

We ensure our business practices to be compliant with the regulations and actively advocate it to the industry. Our self-discipline sets an example for the industry to follow and positions our brand as a truly professional business that can be trusted.