[Fight for Voice] Showself PK six live broadcast platforms and in the first show, was directly promoted to the semifinals.

Published on : 01 April 2017

On March 31st, China's first live variety show of music- "Fight for Voice" officially kicked off. In the first show, Showself was directly promoted to the semifinals. "Fight for Voice" combined the seven most topical and popular platforms in the live broadcast field: Showself, 6.cn, Panda Live, Yizhibo Live, Douyu.com, KK, Live. The variety show also invited many popular singers from "Sing China" and "Super Boy" to be the captain of the Internet hosts, using the battle mode of "Star captain + Popular captain + Popular anchors" to participate in the music battle between the live platform.

This battle, Showself took the live broadcast of the whole show, and there was no NG, no editing, and always displaying clearly. The fierce battle is on the verge, and the game is even more exciting. Showself team, Chengqing Yu, with Ma YinYin as the leader, won the top four in the fourth season of "The Voice of China."  King, Spider, Suxia, and Xinxin were the leading singers, together with live broadcast and Panda live. Ultimately, Showself hosts were talent showing themselves and won the first battle to be directly promoted to the semifinals. They sang together for the Showself!

The completion was very exciting and challenging. Showself won the first show, which showed Showself's slogan: "Showself, show wonderful!". Showself is affiliated to Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd, which is dedicated to the mobile internet and entertainment industry, combining traditional entertainment films, brokerage and mobile internet to create the O2O model in entertainment with the most mobile features of internet. It is an eternal goal of Showself to pursue a better user experience, create more valuable live content, and create different online star hosts.

It was reported that from March 31st "Fight for Voice" would broadcast every Friday night at 19:30 in the seven popular live platforms. This spring, let the music warm you.