Scienjoy Co-Explores Future Development with Partners at 2023 Annual Gala

Published on : 30 January 2024
In recent years, livestreaming platforms have maintained strong efforts in exploring business innovation and diversification, becoming the cornerstone for other industries to seek development. At the same time, the development of content ecosystem has also become a focal point for livestreaming platforms to enhance their competitiveness. On January 30, 2024, Scienjoy Summit Night – 2023 Annual Gala and Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing, bringing together the company’s livestreaming platforms – Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive, and Hongren, star streamers and partners. The event helped the platforms effectively connect with their users, streamers, and upstream/downstream partners. Scienjoy’s annual gala, an event that has been held for 8 consecutive years, is a stage of honor that the company creates for its streamers and agencies, as well as a signature event within the livestreaming industry. Through this year’s annual gala, Scienjoy again explored the infinite possibilities of its content ecosystem together with partners and star streamers. 01. Unveiling annual awards at online gala Like in previous years, this year’s Scienjoy annual gala was still divided into online and offline parts. Kicking off on December 6, 2023, the online gala successfully wrapped up on December 28 after fierce competition in three categories: audition, streamer competition, and agency competition. Eventually, 76 streamer awards and 100 agency awards were given to participants across five platforms. During the competition, streamers built on enthusiasm and talent to fully exhibit their personal charm and professional capacity, winning the favor and support of many fans. For them, it was a feast of dreams and a testimony of hard work. Different from previous years, the online part of the Scienjoy annual gala did not stick to its previous rules, and instead focused more on user experience – with AI technology as the main enabler, the gala organically integrated traffic resources, content presentation and product functions to make Scienjoy’s content ecosystem more dynamic and charming, giving users diverse, open and sophisticated entertainment experiences. 02. Empowering upstream and downstream partners As the leading livestreaming platform operator in the industry, Scienjoy has always been committed to refining and diversifying its content operations. Since streamers and agencies are the core factors in content production, how to stimulate their potential is crucial to the development of Scienjoy’s livestreaming platforms. As a key event for content refinement and diversification, Scienjoy’s annual gala is not only a stage to celebrate high-quality content, but also an important opportunity to empower partners such as streamers and agencies. For streamers, the annual gala allowed them to demonstrate their talents to the greatest extent and enhance the influence of their personal brands, thereby gaining more possibilities for exposure and career development; and for agencies, they were able to better identify and cultivate outstanding streamers, grow their own reputation, and lay a solid foundation for future development. What’s more, through the closed-door meeting after the summit night, agencies were able to learn from the experience and methodology of their outstanding peers to improve management and increase profitability. And by hosting events like the annual gala, Scienjoy focuses its resources on high-quality content, which will encourage streamers and agencies to more actively participate in platform activities. Such interaction and cooperation will further enhance the content and service capabilities of Scienjoy’s livestreaming platforms, bringing viewers better, more sophisticated and more diversified livestreaming experiences. 03. Leveraging technology to diversify and innovate content 2023 marked a year when Scienjoy actively embraced technological changes. The company continued to explore the application of cutting-edge technologies in the livestreaming sector, expand cooperation with universities, research institutions, and content creators, and leverage cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AI, XR, and large-scale model applications to co-develop and co-create digital contents and scenarios and provide users with more realistic and immersive livestreaming experiences. Since cultural confidence is a way of echoing the times, Scienjoy’s “Rediscovering Intangible Cultural Heritages (ICHs)” project successively explored Chinese ICHs including the Jingxi (West Beijing) Shadow Play, the Jingshan Tea Garden, the Jingdezhen Porcelain, and the Beijing Paper-Cutting Art in 2023. The livestreaming project disrupts ICHs’ traditional dissemination pathway, and combines trending elements to showcase ICHs in livestreaming sessions in a more view-friendly manner. At the same time, ICHs with strong cultural profundity help enrich the contents of livestreaming platforms and enable novel user experiences – users’ likes, tips and approvals of ICH craftsmen also become a way of supporting and carrying on China’s ICHs. Scienjoy hopes to combine technology with content to creatively transform and innovate traditional Chinese culture, so that it can permeate our everyday life and quietly nourish us. 04. Connecting the world with Scienjoy Metaverse’s content services At the annual gala, Victor He, CEO of Scienjoy, also delivered a speech on Scienjoy’s business blueprint and future industry development. HE stated: "We were born in an era when mobile Internet entertainment started to boom in China, and within 10 years, we’ve grown to be a leader in the livestreaming industry with more than 300 million users. Now, we are once again taking a bold stance to embrace the new round of technological transformation brought by the Metaverse, and building on years of technological expertise and operational experience to create a new metaverse platform – the Scienjoy Metaverse." According to HE, in 2023, Scienjoy leveraged its rich entertainment contents, immersive scenario experiences, and product & technology innovations to explore business globalization in Dubai, seeking to further expand its metaverse vision and connect the world with content services. He added: "We have a proven track record of starting from scratch, as well as a globalized vision and mindset. We strive to create a new and personalized metaverse ecosystem for global users, so that everyone can live in the Scienjoy Metaverse just like they do in the real world. It is our sincere hope that everyone can lead an exclusive and elegant Metaverse lifestyle."