"Topics in Focus" Focuses on the Beauty of The National Quintessence. Live Broadcast Platform Becomes a New Way to Promote Traditional Culture

Published on : 19 January 2018

On the evening of January 16th, the program “Popularity and Positiveness” was broadcasted on CCTV's “Topics in focus”. The program featured the live broadcast of the “National Beauty” drama as a typical example of spreading positive energy on the Internet platform. Showself is one of the participating platforms for the live broadcast of the “National Beauty”. Victor He, CEO of Scienjoy, was interviewed for the “Topics in focus”.

Victor He said that traditional culture has improved the overall cultural quality of the live broadcast platform. Through the broadcast of the beauty of the national quintessence, it has truly verified that traditional culture is the content that young entertainment audiences are very willing to accept.

Zhang Peng, director of the Beijing Cultural and Art Fund Management Center said that the majority of the audience of the live webcast platform is adolescents. They use the live broadcast platform to spread traditional culture and socialist core values among the majority of young people.

Tuo Zuhai, president of the Beijing Network Culture Association, believes that the core idea of live broadcast + traditional opera culture is to use the young people's favorite method of communication; using phones, to spread the most beautiful traditional culture. Traditional culture also needs a newer and more effective platform for inheritance.

On November 2, 2017, Showself was officially participating in the “Internet Live – Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingju, Hebei Bangzi Opera and other traditional opera arts talent exchange platform” sponsored by Beijing Culture and Art Foundation and hosted by Beijing Network Culture Association. Beijing Jingju Theatre invited outstanding young actor Bai Jin, national first-class actor Kunqu Laosheng Yuan Guoliang, Pingju Jingjue Sun Luyang, Beijing Jingju Theatre outstanding young actor Dou Xiaoyu and other opera actors. Through the form of live broadcast, the audience can communicate and interact at a close distance and experience the unique charm of traditional culture.

In the process of enjoying the national quintessence, live broadcast content is fully integrated with entertainment and art; audience interactions are organically combined through live broadcast. Through live commentary and interaction, the live webcast unloads the “can’t touch” style of traditional culture, allowing interactions. For example, on the performance of the beauty of the national beauty, the drama teacher will show the makeup, performance, and makeup removal process. Some users stated that "the quintessence of the country really is the quintessence of the country. No matter how much time or environment changes, the charm is irresistible. "There are also anchor sighs. "Looking at the complexities of these experts, the professional skills, I feel that we must work harder and more professional in the daily live broadcast."

It can be seen that while the live broadcast platform provides a new way of inheriting traditional culture, it also injects a lot of fine content into the platform. Once widely disseminated, these contents enhance the cultural literacy of the entire industry and bring better content to users.

In the future, in addition to traditional operas, Scienjoy will launch a non-legacy live broadcast, providing a new stage for demonstrating the skills and realizing dreams for many “ordinary people” with traditional cultural skills, and conveying traditional Chinese culture to young people.

In 2018, Scienjoy will adhere to the guidance of mainstream values, make Scienjoy better, better serve users, continue to launch non-legacy live broadcasts, let non-legacy skills exude a new era of charm, and pass on Chinese tradition to young people. Culture and aesthetic interest contribute to the prosperity of online culture. At the same time, Scienjoy will also exert its efforts in public welfare and poverty alleviation. The upcoming 1+1 abled and special needs people will be a chance for them to be involved in the entrepreneurial project; hence helping the national poverty alleviation plan. It is hoped that through live broadcast + public welfare, live broadcast + poverty alleviation, it can start delivering more positive energy to society.

The professor of the China University of Political Science and Law Zhu Wei was interviewed in the "Topics in focus" program. The current Internet communication is changing, positive energy is becoming a hot spot of the network, and the Internet with more positive energy also meets the requirements of the times.

Scienjoy actively creates a new platform for entertainment culture and makes its own efforts to spread of traditional culture. Scienjoy actively expands the combination of live broadcasting and education, medical care, public welfare, sports, and other fields, making the live broadcast more diversified and more in line with the needs of the times, and more able to gather popularity and integrity.