The 2017 "To Listen To The Voice Of The World - Hearing Aid Program" Project Summary Report Was Successfully Held

Published on : 17 January 2018

On January 15th, the Beijing Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation's 2017 “Scienjoy to listen to the Voice of the World – Hearing Aid Program” project summary meeting was successfully held in the Yangfan Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Center. Cao Jun, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Disability Welfare Foundation and the representative of Scienjoy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. participated in the event.

At the event location, the teacher of the Yangfan Center gave a detailed report on the project. The center will use 150,000 yuan for all the poverty-stricken children's 11-month rehabilitation expenses, which is fair and transparent. The children also made different degrees of progress through a year of rehabilitation. Teacher Gao made a video comparison of the language situation before and after the child's recovery. Some children couldn't tell that they were able to talk and be willing to communicate with others. Significant changes have taken place! Get the unanimous approval of warm-hearted people!

In order to thank the companies for their financial support, the children also have an opportunity to show their talents. The teachers and children of the Sailing Center have prepared several small programs: “Naughty Tambourine”, “Little Crab”, "Snow White", the children's song and an "exciting" T-stage show!

Looking at the children's enthusiastic performances, the lovely smiles of the sun, the hearts of people are warm! The representative of Scienjoy Co., Ltd. said that from the first sight, the child is happy to pounce on her arms. When she called her Aunty, her heart was like a sun; warm and bright! She could feel that the children were very good; both in language and mental state after they recovered. This also proves that the company's joint foundation established the "Sound of the World to Listen to the World - Hearing Aid Program" project is very successful and worthwhile! It also said that in 2018, the "To Listen to the World - Hearing Aid Project" will continue to be implemented. "Support the children to complete their recovery journey at the Sailing and Speech Rehabilitation Center!"

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation, Cao Jun affirmed the rehabilitation work of the Yangfan Center. The rehabilitation effect of the children funded by the program is very obvious. I hope that the Sailing Center can continue to implement the charity project so that more hearing-impaired children can be treated; so they can get rehabilitation training and enjoy a happy childhood.

Finally, the children presented their own works of art for the warm-hearted people with the philosophy of: where the flower of love blooms, life can flourish!