Scienjoy Was Invited to the 2017 China Network Performance (Live) Industry Summit Forum and Won Two Awards

Published on : 19 January 2018

On January 18th, China Network Performance (Live) Industry Summit Forum and 2017 Webcast Annual Gala was held in Beijing Asia Hotel. Scienjoy was invited to participate. The event was hosted by the China Performance Industry Association, the China Performance Industry Association Network Performance (Live) Branch,  and Beijing Zhongyu Creative Culture Co., Ltd. The theme of the event was “New Era, New Live, New Ecology”. More than 300 people from the country's major webcast platforms, the head of the host brokerage company and the host representatives, as well as guests from the scientific community and the performance industry, and the media were present.

At the  “New Era, New Live, and New Ecology” event, Jiang Zhilong, the general manager of Showself, explained the development of the industry to the audience present in the room as well as online.

Jiang Zhilong believes that 2017 is the year when live broadcast platform ushers in content explosion. Each platform continuously introduces high-quality hosts to attract and retain more users with rich and high-quality content. The Chinese traditional culture, with its profound connotation and a strong sense of identity, has become more and more popular in various platforms. Its popularity has far exceeded expectations. Taking Scienjoy as an example, the “beauty of the country” in 2017 is a very successful case. In the future development, Showself will continue to combine traditional culture, so that enough traditional cultural programs will appear on the platform. It attracts more users who love traditional culture and creating a traditional cultural social circle. Breaking the time and geographical restrictions, the live stream has spread cultural awareness to more people.

At the same time, Jiang Zhilong said that for the live broadcast platform, the content and service are to meet the different needs of different users. Users choose high-quality content according to their respective needs and form a population with obvious characteristics according to relatively similar life rhythms and emotional appeals. For the show live broadcast, the content is built to accompany live broadcast.

In addition, Scienjoy also advocates “live broadcast”, such as live broadcast + public welfare, focusing on entrepreneurship and activities for disabled people and setting up special charity funds to support hearing-impaired children in many poor families to go to professional institutions for treatments. This year, the 1+1 integration entrepreneurship project for disabled and healthy people will be launched. Through its live broadcast platform, the abled will guide the special needs to change themselves and actively adapt to society. At the same time, Scienjoy has put the national poverty alleviation plan into the timetable. They hope that through the live broadcast + poverty alleviation model, more positive energy will be transmitted to society.

At the 2017 webcast annual ceremony held on the evening of the 18th, Scienjoy independently researched and developed the new media industry’s massive data monitoring technology won the Excellence Award. Additionally Scienjoy cooperation association "Ruijie Xingguang" won the annual brand association; placing itself in the top 10. The award-winning enterprises are strictly selected and recommended by nearly 100 member units of the China Performance Industry Association's network performance (live) branch, and then reviewed by experts from the industry organizations, media, research institutes, and third-party agencies. 26 cases, 20 guilds, and 48 hosts were successfully selected.