To Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China, Netizens Cheered for the Live Streaming Event of the Reading Month in Xicheng, Beijing

Published on : 03 April 2021

On April 3rd, the first activity of the "Xicheng District Reading Month" and the Xicheng Artistic Party Lessons, the poetry recital of "Sacrifice the Revolutionary Spirit and Praise the Good Life", was held at Li Dazhao's former residence. Mr. Li Yazhong, grandson of Li Dazhao, and Cha Wenhao, the actor of Deng Zhongxia in the hit drama "The Age of Awakening", came to the event. The event was co-sponsored by Beijing Xicheng Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Xicheng Culture and Tourism Bureau and Guangming Network (GMW.CN) and was exclusively supported by Scienjoy. The entire progress was live streamed by live streaming platforms of Scienjoy (Showself, Lehi Live, Haixiu Live, Beeshow Live) and strategic cooperation platform Hongle TV.

"The rain during the Qingming season breaks the hearts of the pedestrians”. A situational immersive performance of "Sacrifice Sweep" marked the start of the poetry gala in the "Xicheng District Reading Month". At the event site, the actors of Li Dazhao and other "revolutionary sage" in the juvenile version of the drama "Li Dazhao" recapped classics. They expressed the admiration of the young generation of people with lofty ideals, who tossed their heads and shed blood at all costs for the birth of new China. Although there was "ambitious not paid to die first" regret, but they firmly believed that the Chinese nation's road to rejuvenation and a better life would eventually be realized. Mr. Li Yazhong, the grandson of Li Dazhao, recited "Youth", "My confession book", "Chinese backbone", "remembrance of the sages" and other classic reading, with the thought of his grandfather, Li Dazhao, showing the ambitions and passion of the revolutionary martyrs who threw their heads 100 years ago. Meanwhile, the performers reproduced the story of Gao Junyu and Shi Pingmei, a couple of revolutionaries, expressed the devotional feelings of the revolutionaries couple, guided the contemporary youth to pass on the red gene and to strive to build a better life. Throughout the performance, the actors commemorated the sages and their predecessors through a wealth of literary and artistic language and program forms.

As introduced, Beijing Xicheng District will carry out districtwide "Reading Classics & Party History" and "Xicheng District Reading Month" activities in April. It will mainly consist of the activities like "Qingming Poetry Society", "Hai Yi Poetry Society", "Lilac Poetry Society" and other brand poetry galas, which have been held for years. And it will also carry out a wide range of activities like "100 recitals", "100 lectures", "100 lectures" and "100 lectures" and others, in the region's organs and schools, reading spaces, streets and communities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, singing about the struggle of the Chinese nation to achieve great rejuvenation, Scienjoy take active social responsibility through live streaming. To remembrance of the glory of the martyrdom, to inspire the Patriotic and Party loyalty and to inherit the red gene, Scienjoy will have more trials on promoting positive energy of society. Previous activities like "Online China Festival", "Red Classic", "Beautiful Countryside, Hello Well-off" and a series of live activities to spread the spirit of patriotism of the new era, have caused a wide range of responses in the platform, not only enriching the platform content, enhancing the user experience, but also conveying its live platform to continuously output high-quality content determination.