The Broadcaster’s story | Xiao Endian: Dominating My Own Life

Published on : 22 March 2021

"Confused", "don't know what to do", "can't see their own future" are the true portrayal of many fresh graduates who just entered the society. However, during this period, the broadcaster "Xiao Endian" of Beeshow Live has gained more attention and wealth than most peers. Some people think that her success is a product of the live streaming era while others think that her success is nothing but luck.

01 Money Matters for Her Extraordinary Life

Last year, Yang Chaoyue hit the Weibo hot search for the famous expression, "I can’t care less about falling in love. I just want to make money." Different from the "love is all" girls in the entertainment industry these years, career and making money overwhelm love and boyfriend in the eyes of the post-95 girl. Similarly, "money matters" is the motto of many young girls nowadays.

Xiao Endian is also one of the “Money matters” girls.

For a long time after entering the university, the relationship between Xiao Endian and her classmates was not close. When her classmates were active in students organizations and campus activities, Xiao Endian was seldom at school, buried in part-time jobs like distributing leaflets, being a waiter, customer service, being a model... In the eyes of other students, she seemed to be an alien, always mysterious and in a hurry.

Xiao Endian has never cared about the views of her classmates and marched on the road of making money through part-time jobs. This road of "making money" has also brought her a valuable friend.

The girl in the same dorm was lovelorn. After a lot of money wasted on the slag man, she resolutely asked Xiao Endian how to find a part-time job. Slowly, the bulging purse healed the pain of lovelorn. The girl who came out of the haze told Xiao Endian that making money is surely the most important thing in life.

Friendship between them grow gradually with the same attitude of "making money". Actually, compared with the expression "making money", only "digging money" can properly reflect their urge for the fortune.

Towards graduation, Xiao Endian was still trying to do all kinds of part-time jobs. She worked as a dance teacher, opened a clothing store, and now works as a full-time broadcaster. Her experience vividly displays the courage of trial of young people.

For today's girls, making money doesn’t necessarily equals to loving money, but knowing the necessity of economic independence for personality independence. Girls' ambition to make money is not limited to "Cherries freedom". They also expect that they will not need to give up what they like in the future just because of poverty, and that they can have the confidence to "be themselves".

02 Tear off The Labels and Be Yourself

Xiao Endian grew up in a rich family which gave her abundant material support. And in the meanwhile, her family has planned her life as a dancer because of the dancing gifts. Awards and applause seemed to be easy to win for Xiao Endian after learning dance. She didn’t even have much miserable memories: "I have barely encountered any difficulties."

Xiao Endian is the apple of the palm in the eyes of her parents. She is the literary and Art Committee member who organize programs for the class in the eyes of her teachers. She is a beautiful girl with excellent performance and good at singing and dancing in the eyes of her classmates. Everyone took it for granted that she would get a major in dance and follow this clear and relatively easy plan to become a professional dancer.

Even with such a bright future, the 16-year-old Xiao Endian got confused.

Sometimes she wandered around in a daze in the playground and in the garden. She felt that her life seems to have stagnated, and she didn’t know when and how it began. She is a good child, a good student, a versatile literary and art Commissioner, but only not herself.

In this era, people are unconsciously judging people by their past and future, labelling people and setting up role model. More and more people grow up in the role expected by their parents, betraying their own heart, playing the role expected. A predictable and boring life ruined her interest. She looked forward to a future of unlimited possibilities, but also didn’t not know how to draw the blueprint of the future.

With curiosity about the unknown and longing for the future, she resolutely gave up the choice of art examination in the college entrance examination and gave up the arrangement as a white collar after graduation.

Her society experience accumulated in the part-time experience in university overwhelms that of the peers. The various job experience after graduation made her grow up rapidly. She became a pillar and mentor of her best friends. She felt that "I am mature now". She no longer needed to live in the label attached on her. She could define herself.

Greenhouse flowers can also break the glass cover and face the wind, waving and twisting alone. Growing freely, Xiao Endian is still moving forward.

03 Meeting live Streaming, Let Dream Shine into Reality

After a period of precipitation, Xiao Endian finally has a concrete description of the future which is opening a dance studio.

With the advent of live streaming, which is widely recognized as a “Wind Gap”, Xiao Endian sees the future. To realize her dream, her first step is to accumulate start-up funds for her dance studio dream through live streaming.

Her outstanding talent in singing and dancing, as well as her communication skills accumulated in social experience, have quickly attracted many loyal audiences since she launched the live streaming. Within one month, she has already won the first place in the weekly star list of Beeshow live streaming platform.

The live streaming not only opened the door for Xiao Endian to realize her dream, but also gave her spiritual comfort.

Xiao Endian always said: "lonely audience watch lonely broadcasters’ live streaming.". The live streaming is like a bonfire that attracts her and the audience together, making a group of people warm each other in the lonely wilderness. Xiao Endian can't tell how much spiritual company she brought to the audience, but she gained the intimate care which was seldom received from her parents.

Every day is full of uncertainties. Xiao Endian doesn't know if she will always bloom in live streaming, but the only thing she is sure of is that live streaming is the best way for her to realize her dream.

Xiao Endian often uses the money she made to buy her parents gifts without telling them her job as an broadcaster. There is a long-standing stereotype of the live streaming profession in the society, and the demonization of female live streaming is more serious. She just thought that instead of oral explanation, she would prove it with actions that not all people in the live streaming industry are flow oriented. And they can also be the dream follower and romantic poets.

Six years have passed since Xiao Endian decided to chase her true self in that summer. In this short period of time, she has lived a free and satisfied life, and finally found the future direction. She is moving forward with both dreams and pressure.

The future is not certain, but she marches ahead.