The Broadcaster’s story |Zhu Xiaokai: Stop Hesitation After the Dark Years

Published on : 06 April 2021

Zhu Xiaokai, 31 years old, always felt isolation from the outside world, separated not only by the vast land of Xinjiang, but also by his disabled legs.

There are bustling cities with lots of traffic and colorful clouds of the southern Xinjiang in the outside world.

He used to be a spectator of the remote outside world. But now live streaming has made the outside world within reach.

1 Love can Flatted the Mountains and Sea

Zhu Xiaokai is an broadcaster of Lehi live streaming platform. He has been in the business for over a year and has met many peers and audiences. Everyone affectionately calls him "Bro Kai".

Bro Kai has something on his mind recently. He is obsessed with someone.

‘Someone’ is also the broadcaster of Lehi Live, who is a young lady from Yunnan. They met each other in an online interactive live chat and gradually knew each other. The girl is warm-hearted, encouraging Zhu Xiaokai in the desperate time and comforting him when he was discouraged. She told him, "there is no shame making money through your own efforts." Zhu Xiaokai is disabled in both legs while the girl is taking the burden to support her whole family alone. The same roughness in life brought two hearts closer.

Zhu Xiaokai marked Xinjiang and Yunnan on the map and carefully connected them. The tip of the pen crossed 3800 kilometers between mountains and rivers, which was the distance between him and his sweetheart.

"My love is separated from the mountains and the sea, and the mountains and the sea can be flattened." Zhu Xiaokai said: "I will make double efforts, fully prepared to go to Yunnan and meet her." Since then, live streaming is no longer just a life supporting job, but also an economic source to pursue love.

As his favorite song "thousands of thousands" singing: "I have thousands of wishes. I walk through crowds of people to see you." Once upon a time, his physical disability draws him a prison. Now love gives him the motivation to get out of the prison by pointing out a new direction.

2 Fate is Changeable, Drawing the Ground as a Prison

Seven years ago, Zhu Xiaokai was also an ordinary young man in the Altai mountain area of Xinjiang, who had a girlfriend of six years’ relationship. He always felt that if there was no accident, he would be like other people in the town, entering the wedding chapel with his girlfriend and going on until the end of life.

But the accident occurred to the young man.

For some time, Zhu Xiaokai often felt very tired. The legs were clumsy when going on stairs. No one would have taken such trifles serious. Zhu Xiaokai thought that he would easily recover after rest, just like other people. But he didn't expect that his physical condition went worse and worse. At first, he didn't have the strength to run or jump. Gradually, it became so serious that even if he walked on the flat ground, he would trip over himself. Finally, his legs completely lost the strength, and he had to use a wheelchair.

He was only 24 years old then.

It's more painful to lose after tasting the beauty of having. The 24 years’ old healthy and vigorous man become disabled and could only suffer on a wheelchair. Simply things in the past become so difficult and exhausting. What made it worse was his girlfriend’s breaking up with him and his once close friends’ quietly away from him.

Zhu Xiaokai was unable to accept the huge gap caused by his physical disability, the departure of his lover and the estrangement of friends. He was puzzled and painful. Why did this happen to him? Disability of his legs made him fall on the road of life. In the years after that, he completely closed himself up and indulged in the whirlpool of complaining.

3 Breaking the Cracks in Life and Letting in the Sunshine

The story of Nick Vujicic is like a light through a dark crack of Zhu Xiaokai's dark life.

Nick Vujicic was born with no limbs but a small "foot" with two toes below the left hip. Despite his physical disability, he not only obtained a double bachelor's degree, but also published many books and became a world-famous inspirational speaker.

You can't just complain in life. If you think life is bitter, change it.

Zhu Xiaokai finally realized that if Nick Vujicic, who has no limbs, could achieve success, he should not feel sorry for himself and give up either.

With the help of his parents, he made great efforts adapting to the inconvenience caused by the physical disability and overcoming the decadence and inferiority in his heart. Gradually, Zhu Xiaokai can "walk" out of the house and calmly face the sight of others.

Once by chance, Zhu Xiaokai became the broadcaster after reading the recruitment information in the chat group. He hoped that through the live streaming, he could pass on his belief and positive attitude of life to more people like Nick Vujicic did. Through the live streaming, Zhu Xiaokai not only met a group of concerned and supportive audiences, but also found his love.

When he was young, he made a lot of friends who were no longer in touch with him, spent a lot of money and did a lot of thankless things. He saw a lot of ungrateful people turning their backs on him. The departure of his former girlfriend and the estrangement of his friends made Zhu Xiaokai think that he had lost the world.

"I cherish those who like me, and I abandon those who dislike me." after crossing the mind barrier, Zhu Xiaokai gained more inner peace. Time allows him to differentiate the truth and false. Although the friends in the live streaming have not been met in reality, they couldn’t fake the care and sincerity. Zhu Xiaokai always remembered those who miss him, amuse himself, and talk with him. It was these people who brought him out of the dark life with warmth, and it was the warmth that made him a warm person.

After joining the live streaming industry, Zhu Xiaokai regained his enthusiasm for singing. At home and on the road, he always plays his song list with his Bluetooth stereo.

Now, he plays the song: "when the night finishes, it will be a new day; When the tsunami receded, it was just the ebb and flow. Don't realize until the end that the beast in your heart has given up before reaching the end. Heart is not so fragile. There will always be persistent. Life will not only harvest, but there will also always be wounds. Don't be afraid of the imperfect corner of life, the sun is scattered in every crack... "

Life is full of sunshine. This time, nothing will stop him from yearning for the urge in his heart.