The Temperature in Chongqing Is Low, The Hosts Ignite the Heat Of Nanping Wanda Plaza

Published on : 18 December 2017

The temperature in Chongqing hit a new low this weekend. The minimum temperature on Saturday fell to 6 ° C, and the lowest temperature on Sunday fell to 4 ° C. In such weather, the street should be extremely deserted. But it was ignited by a group of network hosts.

Under the flyover of Nanping Wanda Plaza, Showself broadcast platform built a transparent street broadcast room. This event is the first interactive promotion form of the live broadcast industry. It introduces flash games, requiring daily network hosts that are broadcasting live in the main indoors will take to the streets based on the flashcard reading. The live video that can only be watched on the network can also be enjoyed by people nearby. While interacting with the online audience, they also interacted with the audience on the spot to break the space restrictions. This is a measure to make more people understand the behind-the-scenes process of the hosts and allow them to learn about the fast-moving live broadcast industry.

Since last Friday, the event has attracted a lot of passing pedestrians to stop watching. Many people took out their mobile phones to take photos. Although the outdoor temperature continued to fall from last Friday to last Sunday, the beautiful appearance and energetic performance of the live broadcaster made the passers-by forget the cold weather. At the scene, the passers-by interacted with the anchor from time to time. Many onlookers scan the code on the spot to enter the live broadcast room to experience the novel experience of a double live broadcast.

The flashing live broadcast room successfully evokes the curiosity of passing pedestrians and stops their hasty pace. As an emerging form of promotion this year, brands from various industries have brought their own flash shops to the streets in the city. While promoting themselves, the transparent room also brought a beautiful lively atmosphere to the streets of Chongqing.