Super Large Screen Mobile Phone Built-In Live Host Broadcast Flash Live Room to Open Live Broadcast New Gameplay

Published on : 18 December 2017

As the largest of the four municipalities, Chongqing has always been the most fashionable city in central and western China. In the case of dynamic brand promotion, the first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen have frequently set and follow the trend of promotion; one of the most popular method forms of promotion is flash shop. However, the brand promotion activities that people see on the streets of Chongqing are still dominated by stalls.

Under the flyover of Nanping Wanda Plaza, the showself broadcast platform built a transparent street broadcast room on the spot. As the first-line live broadcast platform of the top ten in the whole network, Showself came to Chongqing with its five live broadcast apps. They built a transparent street broadcast room on the spot to let the daily network hosts in the main indoors go online. On the street, the live video that can only be watched on the Internet becomes a live broadcast online and offline. While interacting with the online audience, they also interact with the audience on the spot to break the space limit. This event is the first interactive form of the live broadcast industry to introduce flash games. This causes more people to understand the full experience; including behind the scene, of hosting a live broadcast show.

The live room; which is built in the form of a transparent glass room, the design is mimicking the design of a smartphone.  This causes the sensation of a passer-by as if they are looking at the screen of their own respective phones; only bigger. At the scene, it can be seen that from time to time, passers-by interact with the hosts through the glass. Many people in the crowd also scan the code on the spot to enter the live broadcast room to experience the novel experience of the double live broadcast.

In Chongqing, a city known for its night scenes, the design of the nighttime lighting effects in the flashing live broadcast room is also very strategic. It creates a beautiful portrait of Nanping Wanda Plaza last weekend. I believe that every Chongqing person wants his city to be more and more beautiful. We also hope that all businesses can promote their own brands on the street, and they can also consider some of the street scenes in Chongqing and add color to the beauty of Chongqing.