Showself Interpretation of the Logic behind the Live Broadcast Industry and the Creative Culture Industry

Published on : 22 December 2017

We are now in an era of rapid development of spiritual and material civilization. The two are interdependent and mutually reinforcing. The society is becoming a melting pot, the Internet, the Internet of Things, the pan-entertainment, the new economy, the new cultural innovation and the integration of traditional industries. Cross-border and innovation are becoming the labels of the new business era. Different industries are mutually integrated to build a new industrial ecology and Business logic is happening.

The live broadcast industry is undoubtedly the most anticipated product of the new era. After the rise in 2015, development and prosperity in 2016, and rationality in 2017, the live broadcast market has entered a cooling-off period. The US Goldman Sachs Investment Bank released a report in September that the Chinese video live broadcast market will reach $15 billion by 2020. On the one hand, the status quo is cold, and on the other hand, the capital market is vying for hunting. What is the live broadcast industry going through? A new round of revolution in the live broadcast industry may become a new opportunity for the industry to develop and take off, and behind the more professional innovation, the new China The live industry landscape is being re-factored.

Focus on copyright cooperation and quality IP creation

The industry's chilling has become the status quo of the live broadcast industry. Since the rapid rise of the live broadcast platform in 2015 upon fierce industry competition and supervision, the content of the broadcast platform has become more and more high-quality. However, with the serious homogenization of the live broadcast industry, a few platforms that survived began to seek their own unique feature of live broadcasts, focusing on cooperation with vertical areas and creating high-quality IP.

As Wang Minhui, director of Market, revealed at the press conference “Innovative Experiments Behind

Xiuyin Entertainment• A Cultural Innovation”, Showself focused on the collaboration with related industries and ranks it as one of the company's strategies. In the fields of production and new sports, we will increase investment and penetration, and pay attention to copyright cooperation, break the monopoly of the industry, and provide more specialized services for live broadcast users.

As the live broadcast market enters the second half, the profit point is an important criterion for judging the merits of a platform. The added value created by high-quality IP often surprises the audience, and the platform gains a more stable revenue - so the business seems very sustainable. Creating super IP by combining the element of interaction and entertainment in the platform will spur steady development and innovation of of the live platform.

The live broadcast industry is an ecosystem built by all live broadcast platforms. The whole industry is thinking and exploring, especially on content output. For the cultivation of the host, the showself entertainment is becoming more mature and tends to become like a “College”, which has a positive impact on the entire industry environment, and to some extent has reversed the public’s perception of the initial “network celebrities”. In the future, Showself will continue to increase investment in cultivating excellent anchors and creating high-quality IPs, and integrate entertainment upstream and downstream industries to build a rising channel for the development of excellent anchors.

Live broadcast diversified development

Nowadays, the business model of many industries is changing due to the rise of live broadcasts. “Live+” has become another new concern after “Internet+”. "Internet +" combines the Internet with traditional industries to make traditional industry services more convenient; "Live +" makes more industries more full, rich, more interesting and practical.

At the moment, live broadcasts are strong in the entertainment industry and the show industry, but industry authorities generally believe that this is just the beginning. The biggest prospect of live broadcasts in the future lies in the diversified development of live broadcasts.

Showself also has unique insights into the concept of “live +” in the development of the cognitive industry. The person in charge of Showself said: "Live +" and "Internet +" are essentially in the same market, and "Live +" is a vertical field under the "Internet +" strategy. In the future, the combination of live broadcast and tourism, e-commerce, games, sports, medical care, education, finance, etc., the live content will be broader and varied. In addition, partial social aspects, such as 1-to-1 interactive, multi-person video and other supporting forms of follow-up, will be better for "live +" services. Showself will also continue to try and explore more "Internet +" elements to provide users with more yuan services.

Undoubtedly, "Live +" will be delivered in real-time, sharing interesting elements in more ways, and solving problems in life efficiently. Whether you are hungry for happiness or solve practical problems, you will get it in the "live +" background. Psychological counseling such as loneliness, anxiety, and depression after the 90s and 00s, is expected to be solved.

Advocating living, live-life lifestyle

The form of live broadcast has been recognized by most people. With the expansion of the live commercial map, people enjoy high-quality services such as concerts and live sports events and expect "happy and problem solving" to respond. But in the live broadcast industry, can you have the advantage to do enough services? In terms of life experience scenes, webcasting may be more advantageous.

Compared with live TV shows, internet live broadcast is not only a simple change of communication, but also an interactive face-to-face way of exchanging. Showself Entertainment is also the pioneer of “Emotional Porters” in the industry. Showself is not a maintainer for emotion/relationships going on between users and hosts. We only provide a platform. People’s attachments arises from natural psychological needs. We positioned our product as daily life companions, passing along warm and kind emotions/feelings.

Live and creative culture live and life

To comply with the trend, full development will be an inevitable result. With the establishment and continuous improvement of China's market economic system, China's industrial structure has gradually become more rational and has been developing in the direction of optimization and upgrading. With the continuous optimization of technology and network and the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the cultural and creative industry has gradually become a new impetus for economic development.

Live broadcast, as one of the industries with the most contact with the vertical industry, has a natural advantage in promoting the development of the overall cultural industry. Diversified development and cross-border, innovation, and industry integration to build a new industrial ecology and business logic are taking place. It is also a trend of adapting to the times.

In the future, with the continuous exploration and development of the live broadcast industry, the public entertainment life and the cultural and creative industry will surely usher in a major change.