Converging entrepreneurship, sharing the future altogether - "Scienjoy Cup" The Second Integrated Entrepreneurship Competition for Youth with Disabilities Competition Begins in Beijing

Published on : 20 May 2019

On May 17th, the Second Integrated Entrepreneurship Competition for Youth with Disabilities themed “Integrated Entrepreneurship for a Shared Future” was held in Beijing. It is a joint effort by the Beijing Federation for the Disabled, Beijing Education Commission, Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the Communist Youth League of Beijing. Scienjoy Technology Co., Ltd sponsored the competition and live-streamed the event. 

A number of prominent figures were invited to the opening ceremony of the event, including Hou Yulan; Chairman of the Beijing Federation for Disabled Persons, Guo Xusheng and Wang Xiangping; Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice-Chairman in Beijing Federation for the Disabled, Liu Qinglin; Head of Guidance Office for Business Startups in Beijing Administration Center of Labor Services, Liu Wentao; Head of Enterprise Work Department in the Communist Youth League Beijing, Wang Xiaobin; Deputy-director of the Career Guidance Center for University Graduates, Zhang Liang; Vice-Chairman of Beijing Foundation for Disabled Persons, Zang Xinyi; Deputy-director of Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Employment Service Center, and Wang Minhui; Chief Marketing Director of Scienjoy Technology Co., Ltd.

The competition is aimed to encourage youth with disabilities to make innovations and start businesses. It is an essential measure for the central government, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and local government to encourage startups and innovations. The goal of the initiative is to ensure a better life and employment of the disabled.   

In the first session, the winning projects from the previous competition were presented. It is then followed by the representative of the previous winner sharing his post-competition experiences - motivating more disabled persons to be self-sufficient and make great things through startups.

In this activity, teams of contestants were given a joint project contract by participating enterprises.  In return, these enterprises received an award from Zhang Liang, Vice-Chairman and Secretary of Beijing Federation for Disabled Persons.

As the second competition started, Wang Xiangping, Vice-Chairman of Beijing Federation for the Disabled, gave the judges the letter of appointment. The initiative to help alleviate the poverty of the disabled was organized by Beijing Federation for Disabled Persons and Beijing TV Station.

The development of Scienjoy is inseparable from the support given by the society. Scienjoy has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and giving back to the community through public welfare practices. Scienjoy does not only provide continual healthy and positive content, but also participates in helping the disabled. In 2016, Scienjoy cooperated with the Beijing Disabled Welfare Foundation to set up a special fund named “Scienjoy - Listen to the Voice of the World”.  Currently, it has helped dozens of low-income families with hearing-impaired children receive rehabilitation, care, and training. The fund also supports disabled people to get employment, living cost, and education in Beijing. 

Scienjoy has also organized other events relevant to the cause, such as "The Disabled and Others Live in Harmony; The Dream of China - Special Performance of The Heroic History of Guangzhou Shi", "Scienjoy Cup", "The First Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Tea Art Competition", "Scienjoy Cheers with The Champions", "Introducing Paralympics Spirit Into The Community" and many other public welfare activities. The aim is to make more people participate in the welfare of the disabled. 

This competition is divided into four stages: initial registration, preliminary examination, rematch, and final. The competition lasted for five months, which gives a lot of preparation time for the participants. It also has flexible registration requirements. The competition invited many well-known investors and entrepreneurs; providing competing teams with a variety of activities and the chance for face-to-face communication with them.