Scienjoy launched live-streaming poetry event themed "Endorse for my hometown"

Published on : 24 June 2019


"Blooming flowers on the river banks at sunrise, red as fire. The river turns darker than indigo in spring. How can I ever forget Jiangnan?" 

"Three thousand miles of river and fifteen lines in the letter, all carry one message: come back to hometown."

China has five thousand years of cultural history. In the ever-changing history, our ancestors have expressed their love for their hometown in many forms of art; including poetry.

Concurrent with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation, Scienjoy,, and Kugou music jointly held a campaign themed "Embracing the beauty of China and hometown through poetry". It was conducted at the end of February 2019.

The campaign was held to promote and preserve China's traditional culture. Participants are asked to submit poetry relevant to the theme, praising their hometowns and their daily changes through online and offline and different forms of activities — a powerful program.

Upon the launch, the event received positive responses from the participants. In just three months, Scienjoy received a total of 13,308 poetry, with total viewing of 800,000 times and nearly 900,000 likes. The event far exceeded the expectation.

To further elaborate on the impact of the event, Scienjoy,, and its five major live broadcast platforms will invite famous broadcasters to promote their hometown from June 29 to July 15, 2019. There will be various fun content with many gifts to send out online and offline.

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At the beginning of its establishment, Scienjoy tried to break the audience's general cognition of the live broadcasting platform and strives to combine privileged advantages with the essence of traditional Chinese culture. 

The impact that the series of live broadcasts promoted by Scienjoy, including one themed "Hello, new era: pick me, Chinese opera," has been proven to be very positive. Upon its launch, the young audience began to pay more attention to traditional Chinese culture. 

Scienjoy continues to take efforts to combine traditional culture and modern media through a series of live broadcasts activities, which are well-received by both inside and outside the industry. 

With further development of 5G, artificial intelligence, and virtual technology, Scienjoy continues to provide excellent services to users with innovative thinking that enables mobile internet technology to make higher contributions to the culture.