Science and technology lead future life, and jointly enter the JD X future restaurant - "Hello, New Era" large-scale series live streaming event

Published on : 20 May 2019

Recently, Xiu Se Entertainment was invited to participate in the 2018 China Network Culture Industry Annual Conference. The Ministry approved this annual meeting of culture and tourism. China Animation Group and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism hosted two major events under the general theme of “Strong Network, Strong Culture and Strong Industry” – "Digital Culture and The integration of the travel and tourism". The vice president of Xiu Se Entertainment and the general manager of Xiu Se Live, Jiang Zhilong, gave a keynote speech on “Deepening the Content and Embracing the Future”.

Jiang Zhilong believes that live broadcast has entered a stage of steady development. As the value of the content expands, the mobile video live broadcast industry will be integrated with more technology in the future, enabling further developments. At present, the entire industry is returning to its original purpose. Based on this judgment, Xiuyin Entertainment continued to focus on high-quality content; highlighting social benefits and focusing on value orientation, actively developing live broadcasts, enriching type of live content, presenting quality content together with quality partners, supporting originality and creating Increase investment in IP, and launch a series of self-produced variety shows. They are also focused on optimizing user experience and utilizing the emerging technologies. ```

Additionally, Xiuyin Entertainment will also vigorously explore the use of live broadcast to help China's excellent traditional cultural communication; not only to serve domestic users, but also to expand to the overseas market to promote the unique charm of Chinese culture.

The following is an excerpt from the speech:

Highlight social benefits and focus on value orientation

As an emerging media, live broadcast can reach a large number of users. The platform is responsible for the content presented and is expected to deliver the right values to the users. Positive content can enable users to see the true, the good and the beautiful in life. The live broadcast platform not only needs to strengthen the training of brokerage companies and hosts, but also guides the production of positive content on the platform and in the daily operation. It is necessary to expand the dissemination of positive content and create a good platform atmosphere.

Break the border and consolidate

The promotion of "live +". 

What is meant by "live +"? 

This year, the whole industry has many successful examples on “Live+”; live broadcast + e-commerce, live broadcast + education, live broadcast + public welfare, live broadcast + culture, and more. Live broadcast + combinations have become more exciting. It does not only effectively increase the number of live broadcast, but also improve the quality of the content. It is believed that the future live broadcast will be more advanced and the industry will grow bigger. "Live +" is a means, not an end. 


The construction of the OMO ecosystem. 

The combination of online and offline content creation, virtual economy, and real economy effectively promotes the growth of the live broadcast industry and provides a lot of high-quality content for the live broadcast.

The extension of the industrial chain. 

Content production has been mentioned frequently and the scalability of the live video industry has been stretched. The platform is used to cultivate high-quality hosts, improve content qualities, and cooperate spontaneously with professional colleges to support high-quality content providers. The platform has also sent their host  to many networks, film and television; establishing them as artists. This year, the convergence of live broadcasts and short videos occur across digital music and e-sports. Hosts are more diverse, the live content is enriched, and the user index is optimized. These beneficial and effective practices provide a foundation for a better development.

The integration of resources in the live broadcast industry is accelerating, increasing the advantages it creates. The content production, user operation capability, and business model are expected to give their maximum benefits, so that there will be more achievements in the production of high-quality content video.

Support original, create IP

This year, the live broadcast industry has increased its support for original high-quality content. Many platforms produced much more self-made variety shows and events, needing more support hence made a new IP to cater for it. The live broadcast industry increasingly supports original content as users are more willing to pay for the original premium content. The live broadcast industry continues to grow steadily.

Applying emerging technologies to optimize user experience

With the application of big data technology, we know more about users, enabling us to provide support for producing more suitable positive contents. Artificial intelligence technology can optimize the image effect in the live broadcast room and replace the background between the live broadcast and the non-blocking portrait. Barrage is expected to participate more deeply in content production. The application of AR further enhances the fun interaction, making positive content richer and more interesting. 5G will bring a smoother viewing experience, which will support the popularity of VR. Users can receive positive content "immersively". More interactive content can also appear in the live broadcast.

Excavating traditional culture, showing cultural confidence

China has a long history and diverse culture - up until today. Our culture is very rich. The live broadcast presents China's excellent traditional culture, giving it a broad audience base. Live broadcast is a form of advancement, which can well represent the Chinese traditional culture and show its style. China's excellent traditional culture is promoted to the outside world through "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The live broadcast platform has become an important channel for showing China and its culture to the world.

Based on these judgments, Xiuyi Entertainment has made active exploration and efforts.

Xiu Cai Entertainment organizes the production of positive content. In daily operations, it also insists on the favor of high-quality content and zero tolerance for illegal content. This value is consistent and clear.

At present, Xiuyue Entertainment has a live show and a strategic partner platform, and the entertainment OMO model with mobile Internet features has been successfully implemented. 

This year, we co-hosted the "Hello, New Era" series with, covering culture, technology and presenting drama, cutting-edge technology, and more. The high-quality content shows the gratifying achievements of the 40 years of reformation in China. "Seeing the invisible" and "Splendid China" are special live broadcasts designed to pay tribute to the craftsman spirit, while "Champion cheers to enjoy the Paralympic champions into the community", "Scienjoy Cup", and "Beijing Youth The Convergence Entrepreneurship Competition" are aimed to show spirit and determination.

At the same time, we have launched a series of original variety shows; causing original hosts to emerge. These high-quality hosts have been intensified, and actively explored based on the interactive features of live broadcast.

In addition, Xiuyue Entertainment has been giving attention to emerging technologies and actively exploring. In the future, it will upgrade its technology to optimize the user experience. On the cultural output side, they will strengthen the organization's interpretation and presentation of traditional culture; focusing on overseas markets to spread our excellent culture.