The Ministry of Culture has issued the "strictest" regulations of live broadcast: Showself is willing to be a difference in the live broadcast platform.

Published on : 13 December 2016

As a new type of communication, Internet live broadcast developed rapidly in 2016. Live broadcast becomes an indispensable part of many people's lives. It has become an essential channel for netizens to socialize and get entertainment.

Live broadcasts can produce more information types and increase the variety of communication methods. Of course, some people will also provide content that violates the core values ​​of socialism. As for the negative side of the live broadcast industry, the Ministry of Culture issued the regulation "Regulations on Administration of Internet Performance Activities" on December 13th. It can be said that this regulation transformed the entire Internet live broadcast industry. As a live broadcast company, Showself has always insisted on its own attitude to operate live broadcasts and hopes that everyone can show their beauty and talent through Showself to become a true star of tomorrow.

The "Regulations on Administration of Internet Performance Activities" stipulates that the Internet performance business unit shall apply for the "Internet Culture Business License." And the performer shall use the ID card to registration and conduct verification by interviews and video calls. The regulation will implement on January 1st, 2017.

After launching, Showself has developed a set of strict review procedures, rules, and regulations. Showself never stops on the road of defending the green live broadcast. It established a detailed host identity authentication system and recorded the identity of hosts. Thus, the live broadcast industry is getting better and better. While increasing the employment rate, Showself also wants to be a colorful live content platform.

It is clearly stated in the "Regulations on Administration of Internet Performance Activities" that network performances must not contain the following contents:

(1) Containing prohibited content as stipulated in Article 16 of the “Interim Regulations on the Administration of Internet Culture”;

(2) The performance is horrible, cruel, violent, vulgar, and ruins the physical and mental health of the performers;

(3) Using the human body defect or displaying the variation of the human body to attract the user;

(4) Infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others through sneak scams;

(5) Performance such as animal cruelty;

(6) Using online game products that have not obtained the approval number or filing number for network game products.

Showself is willing to make its contribution to a harmonious and healthy Internet environment and bear social responsibilities, strictly abide by the "Regulations on Administration of Internet Performance Activities", and strives to be different in the Internet live broadcast industry.