Showself has been invited to the 2016 CICC online live stream BBS

Published on : 05 December 2016

“2016 The China Network Culture Industry Conference ” (2016 CICC) with the theme of "strong Internet, strong culture and strong industry" will be held in China hotel from December 27 to 28. China Net Fair organizes this conference. It will discuss the development trend of the internet industry in different aspects.

Until June, the number of live stream users has reached 325 million, and in 2016 it became a veritable "first year of webcasting." At the same time, the live broadcast has the advantages of instant, closeness, and strong adhesion. The development trend of its vulgarization and bubble has also attracted the attention of all sectors of society and relevant departments. In 2016, CICC launched "Webcast BBS," and invited regulatory authorities, well-known investment institutions, network technology providers, webcast platform service providers, and live stream teams to join. They intend to carry out in-depth discussions on how to promote self-discipline and sound development of the live broadcast industry.

As an excellent network culture enterprise in China, Showself was invited to participate in the 2016 Network Culture Industry Conference due to its business differentiation. 2016 is a year of the rapid development of the webcasting industry. Due to such fierce competition, Showself achieved massive success because of its distinction in the function, innovation, and consumer psychology analysis.

In terms of product functions, Showself thoroughly analyzes the market situation and meets consumer psychology demands. Anchors and users can not only interact with each other online in real-time videos but also seven days and 24 hours. The platform combines online social networking with offline social networking. In terms of the content, it contains different content in different areas to meet user satisfaction.

Showself has already noticed that audiences will not be satisfied with a single live entertainment form. Therefore, the categories on the platform are no longer limited to female anchors, dating, variety shows, entertainers, and crosstalk shows. They want to build an attractive ecosystem with big data to optimize the operation.

At present, Showself is exploring the O2O model of online performing arts actively. This will let more users participate in it and can create a more interesting interactive platform.