Showself Entertainment VP Wan Yong: The exploration and survival of Showself

Published on : 13 December 2017

On December 13th, Showself was invited to participate in the 2017 China Network Culture Industry Annual Conference, where they announced "2017 Baoding Fengyun List-Live Platform Brand Influence Ranking TOP10 List". The event was approved by the Ministry of Culture, China Animation Group, The Wuhan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture jointly sponsored the event themed "Strong Network, Strong Culture, and Strong Industry." Wan Yong, executive vice president of Showself Entertainment, attended the conference and gave a keynote speech on "The Exploration and Survival of Showself."

Wan Yong said that after experiencing the live broadcast of the Red Sea in 2016, the live broadcast industry in 2017 began to further innovate. The future of live broadcasts will fully penetrate all kinds of vertical areas, which is phenomenal. The live broadcast industry will become more extensive, and no longer focus on the content expression, but will also expand to the business level of different vertical areas.

Wan Yong elaborated on the active and compelling exploration of Showself through pressure and opportunity. Wan Yong believes that from the perspective of the living environment, the continuous innovation of technology makes the content of live broadcast more diversified. The penetration of various industries will lead to novel gameplay and experiences in the future. Take the doll machine as an example. The live broadcast of the doll is a technological change and at the same time, benefited from the mature mobile payment method, which brings more convenience to the user. Compared to the offline claw machine, clawing dolls in the live broadcast is not limited by time, location and the crowd, which can also turn in a large number of offline users. In the future, there will be more similar explorations and trials, and the content will be broader and more diverse. 

The following is an excerpt from the speech:

Live broadcast of "marine ecology" theory

The continuity and limited changes in the marine environment make the marine ecosystem relatively stable and have relatively large species and communities. In the whole marine ecology, the organism always interact with the environment and influence each other. The marine life is also a unique natural environment. The lower the latitude, the more biological species. The higher the latitude, the larger the biological population, and the more intense the competition between different species with the closest ecological needs. The high-density population is also at high risk of being eliminated by disease. Instead, scattered fish colony faces the ability to reduce competition and predation. In this framework, the live broadcast environment is comparable to marine ecology.

In terms of content impact and user size, the category is regarded as the content type and user demand. While the population at high latitude (first echelon) is large, yet the species is relatively low, the mid-latitude (second echelon) population and species magnitude are relatively moderate. There are relatively many types of live broadcasts at low latitudes, but the loyal fans will have much less latitude than the first two latitudes. In the entire industry environment, with the outbreak of network technology, the performance of the model enterprises continued to grow, and the focus of capital was quickly focused on heating up the single-business and niche broadcast markets. As the market heats up, it will help more "species" to multiply, along with producing a variety of "live +" products and different products "populations." We expect to cultivate larger populations that are suitable for our growth. We also try to evolve the high latitude large populations and spot the high-value small communities at low latitudes.

The live broadcast industry can be regarded as another marine ecology. Different types of live products have a different competitive environment. And with the development of the industry, various live products will also increase - and in this circumstance, we have the chance to improve ourselves to become stronger live broadcast platform. No matter how the platform and the form of communication change, content and service remain the critical parts for users' experience. Users choose high-quality content according to their own needs. They form a population with relevant characteristics taken from a relatively similar pace of life and emotional appeals. It will establish a benign ecological relationship to achieve a balance and their respective values.

However, in different theoretical perspectives, although entertainment has different meanings, users' needs for entertainment are similar. From a psychological point of view, entertainment is in line with the humanity of "coming for happiness and avoiding suffering." It is the basic force and motive of human behavior. Entertainment can effectively avoid Freud's "reality principle" into the "happy principle." Entertainment can bring people "happiness," free people from the daily survival mode, put them in the game and pastimes, relieve the pressure in daily life. Therefore, it is an important embodiment of the value of human existence and the meaning of life. Liang Qichao once said, "The mortal must have entertainment. In addition to proper work and research, changing the air to find some entertainment can lift up the soul."

Product survival and thinking

As in the sentence of "Book of Rites • University", "When you know it, you will be fixed, you will be able to calm down afterwards, and then you can be safe". In the case of Showself’s live broadcasts, you are to define your reasonable boundaries, when you do, then stop. Within this border, focus on team building, on the product itself, and on the extension of content value.

First of all, as an entrepreneurial team, we must always hold the awe of "entrepreneurship", have the courage to go forward, form a consistent management team, emphasize "new people, new things, new standards" in the selection of talents, while paying attention to team experience and avoiding Personal Empiricism. Secondly, a considerable part of the focus is on the market research. The show live broadcast is positioned on the “companion-type” characteristic. Therefore, we set up a special experience team to conduct research and analysis on “Companion Live Broadcast” and actively explore new live broadcast content. To win the competition strategy based on characteristics, we have to seek development in the appropriate environment, find bright spots with obvious characteristics and competitiveness on a steady pace, can not fall behind or follow the trend blindly.

Based on such a competitive strategy, we did not choose a large and comprehensive platform for planning and design. Instead, we focused on the live broadcast that has developed a variety of product lines, such as the music show, the red live broadcast, and the honey live broadcast. We enhanced the small, fast and spiritual qualities of each product longitudinally instead of horizontally. The aims is to stimulate the innovation of the operational team through internal competition and avoid a large amount of internal friction caused by the excessive R&D and operation team. In the pursuit of differentiated development in operation, regardless of the anchor, we respect each user to meet their reasonable needs, we only act as "emotional porters." The presentation of content is inseparable from strong and powerful regulatory measures, the introduction of inclusive and open technologies, and the development of upstream and downstream industries. Showself is the first live broadcast platform to introduce sensitive information of third-party image recognition, with an open mind and third-party technology. The cooperation of the institutions will strengthen the quality and cultivation of the anchors. At the same time, it will also expand more active traditional cultural live broadcast content and organize rich content types. For example, the recently tried traditional culture “Beauty of country” live broadcast is rich in content.