The Broadcaster’s Story|Mimi: A Practical Idealist

Published on : 10 February 2022

fter repeated failures in investment and entrepreneurship, she devoted herself to live streaming industry to earn money.

This is what Luo Yonghao had experienced, and also what Mimi, a Haixiu broadcaster, had experienced.

Although her experiences were not as dramatic as Luo, she was a practical idealist like him.


The Idealist on the Road to Entrepreneurship

After graduating from university in 2018, she started her career in a bank. In less than a year, she became a "five-star teller", a title that only 60 tellers can get in the whole province, and then was quickly promoted to lobby manager and business executive.

But she felt this sort of routine life has brought her many restrictions, although there would be a bright future if she keep striving. Thus, she decided to leave the bank and expand her horizon in a bigger world.

With a decent family background, she chose to start her own business.

For the first time, Mimi chose the film industry. But till now, the film she invested just fell on deaf ears. And all the money she had invested was like a stone sinking into the sea even with no ripples at all.

For the second time, she chose the B&B industry. This time, she managed everything by herself, from site selection and rental to design and decoration. She was looking forward to the crowded tourists with full expectations. However, the truth was against the wish. The unexpected pandemic of COVID-19 brought a heavy blow to the tourism industry. So her B&B had to be closed before the first guest checked in. 

“Just two times. How many entrepreneurs will succeed as soon as they start?” She thought, as an idealist. Soon, she started to prepare for her third investment. And this time, she chose to do large-scale vehicle leasing with her friends.

Back to Reality

Having learned from the failure of the previous two investments, she made special trips to Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and other places for field investigation and research. During the trips, she visited the construction sites in urgent need of renting cars and building houses, browsed the project scheme and report approval, and also met many people who were about to participate in the construction. In her heart, she felt this time, her investment was a correct choice. So she began to work with her friends to do the preliminary work.

To start, the car is a prerequisite. However, the brand new large industrial car was very expensive, and it was difficult for them to pay the full price. So they chose to buy a second-hand car at a lower price. Then, with the car and the contacts they made before, the first rental order came with it.

Engaging in rental industry did not mean that you could wait for the money to enter your pocket after renting them out. Instead, you had to follow your renters and embark on the long and grinding journey time after time. Just like Mimi, she had to go back and forth between Inner Mongolia and Tianjin. The chilly winter and scorching summer had reduced her appetite and disturbed her sleep. Mimi, who has been spoiled since childhood, had suffered such hardships for the first time. But even so, she still believed that this time, she will embrace her bright future. When she was on the way, she always thought that maybe if she stick to it, she can expand the scale of her leasing company, increase the number of cars and broaden her business layout.


However, with time going by, the disadvantages of second-hand cars were gradually revealed. For example, the tires may fall off during driving. In addition to potential safety hazards, the cost of repairing even is higher than that of renting a car. But under such circumstances, Mimi was still optimistic about the situation. She thought that when the construction site settles the money, there will be funds for her to replace the second-hand car with the new one.

But she was lashed out by the reality again. The funds were delayed and she did not have enough money to turn over. Then the project was immediately stopped, and the large industrial cars became useless naturally. With no other choices, she had to sell the cars at a low price and return to her hometown with her friends.

A Practical Idealist

On the one hand, her parents had taken out all their savings to support her investment and entrepreneurship; On the other hand, because of the pandemic, the business of her parents’ factory went from bad to worse and finally went to bankruptcy. Suffering from too much pressure, her father was diagnosed with melancholia, losing more than five kilograms in less than two months. She could barely sleep for a little while every day by relying on the medicine prescribed by the doctor. And her mother seemed optimistic, but in fact, she was always sighing secretly.

Even under such gloomy days, her parents never blamed her, which made her more anxious and guilty. Therefore, she sold her own house to reduce the burden on the entire family.

After three times of failure, good luck finally blessed her.

Under the treatment of the doctor, her father’s psychological condition gradually improved and eased. So her parents decided to go to work and get a fresh start. And Mimi also started her career as a live broadcaster under the recommendation of her friends.

Unlike others, she did not feel cramped and nervous when facing the camera, instead, she took to it like a duck to water thanks to her optimistic and cheerful characteristics. “In the real world, I cannot take care of each of my friends when we get together. But whenever I do live streaming, I can see everyone’s words on the chat screen. And then, respond them one by one.” She said.

Mimi had learned something about psychology when she took care of her father. So she used it when chatting with her followers during the live streaming to ease their potential pressure. She showed her beauty and kindness in her streaming room, trying her best to help everyone to see their own sunshine and bright future behind the gloomy clouds. "I like my streaming room filled with those who are willing to hear. And I have found my own comfortable area through live streaming".

Three years ago, Mimi was still a pure idealist who was full of the passion for entrepreneurship. But since lacking methods, she did not achieve anything, however, she ended up with chicken feathers. Now, after so many things, she can face the current situation bravely and make money for her family by live streaming. As an idealist, the romance embedded in her characteristic has not been obliterated by reality. Instead, with hope and a fighting spirit, she found her new ideal: creating her own live studio.

We, as humankind, are pushed by the fast-paced life. Countless lecturers teach us how to become the winner like others, as if this whole society is not compatible with any failure. Nobody will tell you that failure in our life is common and ordinary when the reality is at odds with our idea. Therefore, what we need to do is try to be a practical idealist like Luo and Mimi. Accept failures, and also cherish the ideals in our hearts. Knowing that the road ahead is rugged and bumpy, we must maintain our high morale and march forward to our aspirations.