The Broadcaster’s Story | Beilu, A Soldier Cured By Live Streaming

Published on : 18 February 2022

I was a soldier. I enrolled in 2011, lived and trained with four comrades everyday. We risked our lives together and we were like brothers. The five of us went for a mission in 2014, thats when I lost them forever.


Years had passed when he took the interview, even though, Beilu was still in tears speaking of this experience.


After the mission, I was diagnosed with severe post-war stress disorder. I often saw my comrades falling down beside me over and over again. I got awaken by the slightest sounds, subconsciously searching for my guns and be put on alert...


Beilu left the army in 2016. The light on his mind seemed gone with the fact that he was no longer a soldier. He locked himself in his room to avoid mental torture.

Thanks to live streaming. It cured me.


Soldier and broadcaster


You are not doing a proper job! Have you forget that you are a soldier? When he first started streaming, Beilu was scolded harshly by his father, a serious man who could not understand his sons choice of occupation.


Born in a military family, Beilu carried a military soul, so does his father. In their view, soldiers are sacred and righteous, with dignity and justice. It was Beilus ambition since childhood to become a good soldier, saving lives, helping the injured, supporting justice, and serving his motherland.

Then, Beilu achieved his dream. He trained and went on mission repeatedly. It was perilous, while he enjoyed himself.

After he discharged, Beilu chose to be a broadcaster. It was not a decent job judging by older generations, especially in a military family. It was unacceptable to compromise the image of soldiers. Beilu went through a lot of criticisms at the beginning.

In fact, Beilu loved to go with his dreams. If being a soldier was his childhood dream, then being a singer was his biggest interest.

He was a great singer, and got a great number of followers not long after he began streaming in Showself.  A user who was familiar with Beilu said, I saw his potential in his streaming, and then I secretly signed him up for The Voice of China, it turned out that he got top 100 nationwide. It was such a surprise to see his accomplishment, though we already expected so.

He was meant for this road.

Beilu himself also sees the possibilities of live streaming. In his streaming room, he can share his songs with more people, which he could not feel the same in the army. Live streaming is a promising industry. Some entertain themselves here, some achieve their dreams.

New industries will come under question. I didnt lower my standards for myself. I was an excellent soldier, I can be a diligent broadcaster to make my dreams come true.


Accompanied by Warmth


After the sacrifice of his brother-like comrades, Beilu suffered from severe post-war stress disorder. His chest was hit by a bullet in that mission, which could not be taken out. Tortured by both psychological and psychical pain, he had no choice but left the army.


Soldier was an identity that Beilu cherished a lot. But soldiers were normal people, too. After retirement, he was depressed once and locked himself in the room, refusing communication.

But life went on. Back to a normal person, Beilu also faced the trouble of job seeking. His injuries had an impact on his health. Bar waiter, karaoke waiter, military training instructor... many jobs did not live up to his expectations. It was such a struggling period. I was not a soldier anymore, but I didnt know what I could do.


He sent out CV massively. One day, Beilu received the notice of broadcaster application. I was an investigator, so I surveyed about live streaming industry at once and I found it promising and suitable for me, and I decided to give it a try.


Beilu brought a set of live streaming equipment with his savings. He was good at singing, which brought him many fans soon. However, Beilu didnt go smoothly, because his father disagreed and smashed two sets of his equipment.

Soldiers are firm. Beilu seized the opportunity of streaming and refused to give in. He encouraged himself to accept therapy, let his father watch his streaming, and connected with his fans. Beilus work paid off. His father gave him understanding and support at last, as the number of his fans and income increased day by day.


Care and warmth were always around. Beilu found that not being a soldier anymore was not so terrible, so he no longer locked himself in the room. After his discharge, he felt once again the meaning of being alive.

Before, Beilu had his comrades, and now, he has his fans.

Passing Love and Good Fortune


Beilus life was exchanged with four lives of his comrades. He could not and dared not forget it.

Only when lives were shattered we felt its preciousness. Once caught in self-struggle, Beilu became increasingly strong inside when thinking of his passed comrades and their families. He would live well, for his comrades.

Seeing a psychiatrist, looking for a job, being healed by love and responsibility, his life gradually returned to normal.

After the death of his comrades, Beilus biggest concern became their parents. He took the initiative to take up the burden of supporting them. "No matter how busy and tired I am at work, I will call them every day around 5 p.m. one by one to greet them. their sons are gone, and I am their son from then on. 


Supporting the elderly of four families, which meant nealy 30,000 yuan per month, giving Beilu a lot of pressure. He tried every decent, money-making job before, but his economic situation is not significantly improved until he became a broadcaster. His income grew steadily, and finally he was reassured about the future of the elderly.


No ones fortune can come out of nowhere. Only if you work hard enough, you will be lucky enough. The world will not let down every effort and persistence, or every persistent and courageous person. With his wilderness survival skills learned in the army, Beilu opened a column of outdoor survival, teaching his fans how to survive in the wilderness in case of danger; he also streamed in remote mountain villages in a regular basis, and donated necessities with his income to help those in poverty.


I am a lucky person, and I hope most of us are also lucky. We bring warmth to each others lives, whether it can be seen or not.