The Broadcaster’s Story | Qianyou: Gentleness is not the only definition, and live broadcast helps me move forward firmly

Published on : 20 January 2022

When it comes to Guangdong, the author will think of many funny videos about how Cantonese speak Mandarin on the Internet. It seems that many Cantonese people are having difficulty "taming" Mandarin. But for Qianyou, a girl born and raised in Guangzhou, it is a very easy thing.

Qianyou is a broadcaster of Hongle Live Broadcasting Platform. Among all kinds of broadcasters, she gains her position with beauty and sweet songs. Although she grew up in Guangzhou, she speaks standard Mandarin with a soft and waxy Cantonese tone, which makes her talk very attractive.

For those who know her, Qianyou's character is as gentle as her voice. During the internship, she is the teacher favored by most kids in the kindergarten. During live broadcast, many fans are willing to talk to her. And those broadcasters who lost in competition with Qianyou will soon forget their unhappiness under her comfort. There is natural magic in her character, which gives people a feeling of comfort and peace. "I get along well with her," her friends always say.

But the gentleness of Qianyou lies not only in its "softness", but also in "toughness".

After graduation, Qianyou did not choose to engage in her own professional related occupation. In her opinion, it is very lucky to take things people are interested in as occupation. Event planning was her first job after graduation. This seemingly simple job has added excitement to Qianyou in summer: a series of processes, such as planning before the event, arranging the meeting place during the event, checking materials, coordinating on-site personnel, and drawing back after the event, all bring Qianyou different growth experiences. The uncertainty in the process and the sense of accomplishment in handling it properly made Guangdong's hot summer cool and comfortable. She loves this busy season.

Qianyou took the job from graduation until now. Every time she walked outside in the scorching sun in Guangdong, her clothes are soaked with sweat. And she couldn’t go back home until late at night. For this reason, her mother was worried about her health. Faced with care, only silence represented her gentlest counterattack. It was true that there were so many hardships, but Qianyou always took it as granted.

However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 stagnated almost all the offline activities. Like so many other people, her life slowed down. Although life without workload puts her under a lot of pressure, she regards working as the strong backing of her independent life and personality. "People need to change in the face of the real environment, but change is not always a bad thing." During the pandemic, the live broadcast industry with highly flexibility became her best choice.

Qianyou was afraid of live broadcast at first. Although she works with many people and has worked as a model before, the Internet makes her feel strange. And she would feel stiff when broadcasting live. When live broadcasting, she needed to pay more attention to the comprehensive communication and coordination ability than planning, and the effect was not so direct, which requires long-term accumulation. Whenever she did not do well enough, she would doubt herself.

To most people, once a girl is labeled as "gentle", her other characteristics will be ignored. The so-called "gentle" girl is not strong enough. She is believed to lose the ability to bear hardships and shoulder responsibilities. But females actually have more power than these labels. Qianyou bears a tough heart under the gentle surface. She also has the impulse to challenge the fate. She puts her planning experience into practice in the live broadcast room. Gradually, there are more and more fans in the live broadcast room, and her performance on the platform is getting better and better. Until now, Qianyou insisted on planning while being the broadcaster, and the two jobs promote each other. This gentle little girl is already an outstanding representative for most peers.

Wutiaoren, a band from Guangdong, sang in a song: "All young people, I will tell you when problems arise." The song encourages young people to try bravely when they have ideas and move forward firmly after the choice is made. This coincides with Qianyou. Many people are trapped in anxiety before success, are vacillating when choosing, or hesitating when encountered with problems. It is better to be free and easy. Find the right thing, let go and stick to it.