The Broadcaster’s Story | Xirui: Keep Your Passion and March Ahead

Published on : 23 March 2022

On the drawing board in front of the window, an enchanting girl embraced the lotus quietly. The sun casts light on the pink petals of the flower, making them more beautiful and also bringing warmth to this chilly winter.

Compared with the steady life, the paintbrush, the meditative mood when drawing, every character and object on the paper and every line she sketched calm her heart.

After seven years, Xirui still holds that paintbrush firmly in her hand.


Embracing Passion

Xirui grew up with her grandmother and was much favoured. She dreamed to be a painter since she was young. Grandmother inspired and supported Xiruis hobby with all she could. For example, she signed Xirui up for an extracurricular drawing class. She also ferried Xirui to and from school every day. After a while, Xiruis interest in painting turned into a true passion.

People always say that painters are more sensitive and empathetic than others, which allows them to draw everything interesting around them down on feelingless sheets of paper. Xirui always keeps her extreme passion for life.

Love generates gratefulness.

Xirui was grateful for her grandmother as well.

As time passed by, grandmother began to have trouble walking. Watching her hobbling figure, Xirui felt increasingly anxious.

In order to free grandmother from her walking troubles, Xirui gave up her drawing class.

Love also generates courage.

Xirui chose to be a cosmetician after graduation, integrating her interest and competence in painting into her profession.

After that, her grandfather was seriously ill, putting the family under great pressure. A salary of 1500 yuan per month was far from enough for such a situation. Xirui had to try to become a broadcaster, but she never regretted it.

Although entering streaming industry was not in Xiruis plans, the improving living condition and free time still allow her great space. Now she can pick up her painting brush again and embrace her passion.

Rewards After All Sufferings

Keeping passion all the time is the happiest thing in one’s life. However, the process is often full of hardships and obstacles.

Although with outstanding talents, when she first came into contact with painting, she still needed to ponder and feel every line carefully and at the same time, devote her understanding of life into the drawing. People can feel the true essence of the drawings only when witnessing those vivid figures on paper. Therefore, every time when she went to the drawing class after school, she studied and thought very seriously. Unlike others, she can practice time after time to feel the drawing repeatedly.

Xirui started her career as a cosmetician assistant. Actually, there is a difference when she put her painting skills into practice. As a cosmetician, she has to prepare her own tools and cosmetics. And the improvement of her makeup skills is also a challenge. When she first got her foot in the door of the industry, she could not make ends meet with her meager salary. Also, her immature skills had been questioned and criticized by her customers. Xirui, as a girl who had just graduated, taught herself a lesson from her first experience in society. However, She stuck to it and kept practicing day by day. Fortunately, after two years, what she got was less criticism and more praise.

After that, when she diverted to a live broadcaster, the promising prospect of live streaming industry did not make Xirui live the stable life she imagined before. She felt so strange about everything: lights, cameras and chat information in the public chat area. As an introverted girl, she had no idea of how to communicate and interact with her viewers. But she did not choose to give up, on the contrary, her meager gift income aroused her spirit. Since then, she spent more time on learning live streaming skills. She still remembers that there was a time when an illegal driver deliberately took a detour and sent her to a strange place. Every time she recalled that experience, she will feel fear inevitably. In the end, her past efforts were not in vain, now she has a great number of followers and also, more time and savings to continue to do what she likes.

Every flower, every bird, everything around us added up to what life is like, and in the adult drawing class, you can always find Xirui, a girl pursuing her own dream.