The Broadcaster’s Story | Qingfeng: From Soldier to Streamer, Honor Youth by Striving

Published on : 31 March 2022

Soldier, broadcaster. Two roles, and two kinds of entirely different life, strung Qingfeng’s story together.

Qingfeng has been streaming in Mifeng for nearly four years, before that, he had spent eight years in the army as a soldier. Many people felt quite surprised at it.

However, for Qingfeng, man is like a flag. What is most important is to find a goal, to fix in a direction and strive for it in a down-to-earth way.

Here is his narration:


I dreamed to be a soldier when I was a kid. I believe I was not the only one who admired those dashing soldiers in their uniforms, standing upright. When I was 18, I enrolled myself in the PLA, and at that time, my fellow classmates were still continuing their schoolwork. They always asked me if life in the army was hard. "Of course", I told them. For us, it was inevitable to be drilled since we were still young and unwilling to be ruled strictly. On the first day of enrollment, all of our new-recruited soldiers learned a lesson from the order of “Follow Orders, Follow Directions". To be a qualified meteorological soldier, both the physical training and skill learning were two musts for us. The continuous study and training had forged my indomitable temper into a sharp sword to cleave obstacles ahead of me. After eight years of hard work, my efforts had been affirmed repeatedly by many titles, such as the“Technology Pacesetter” and “Excellent Warrant Officer" for 5 years. I also participated in the military parade on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the military parade on the 70th anniversary of the victory of World War II.

After that, I was discharged for family reasons and returned to society. The first crossroad in my life turned out to be my opportunity to be a broadcaster. When I was in the army, I had my goal and direction. Leaving it, I felt lost in such a vast society. How do I choose? What should I do? Will I spend my whole life considering these questions? Two years passed as I confused and muddled along. Then, I made friends with a broadcaster, under whose recommendation I began to be a part-time broadcaster. For several months, this industry attracted me deeply. Live streaming contained too many possibilities and a bright future for me, which swept away my confusion all of a sudden. I decided to quit my job and start as a full-time broadcaster.

I knew that I don’t have lots of talent, but the experience in the army had convinced me that constant dripping wears away the stone. Upon getting up in the morning, I paid attention to how others streamed and what trended in this industry. I would even watch my smartphone while having a shower. After getting a good idea or hearing some interesting news, I would try it in my own live streaming. To box with accuracy, I had to practice it again and again. It was the same for giving live streaming. I had to try repeatedly to achieve the best performance. To realize this goal, I streamed for more than 10 hours every day. I tried many things such as singing, Hanmai and talk shows. Now I’m trying live commerce. These attempts and efforts were not pains for me but necessary endeavour to achieve success. The word “struggle” had become the key word of my career since I joined the army.

Honor is the best prize for a soldier. Even a veteran like me will still long for honor. I have won a lot of first prizes during the years as a broadcaster, making the name “broadcaster Qingfeng” heard on the platform. I am extremely proud of it. In fact, I am more of a silent man in real life, and it has been my dream to become the humorous and talkative “broadcaster Qingfeng”. Through streaming, I got to be my ideal self, and spread joy to more audiences with this image. Some fans told me that being influenced by my optimism and positivity, they made it through the hard times and strive for a better life. This found me again a sense of achievement by helping others. I hope that I can make more difference in stream industry. For other broadcasters’ problems, I will give advice based on my own experiences. I will also lead the union and other broadcasters to contribute in contests, just as I took over my old squad leader’s responsibility. I will carry forward and spread the military spirit. Therefore, I look forward to moving on in stream industry and making deeper and further impact.