The Broadcaster’s Story Xiao Niangzi: It Is All about Choice and Endeavor, Not Luck or Blessing

Published on : 09 December 2021

Some people belong to the industry of live streaming by nature. They can grasp the fleeting opportunity in the development of the internet and shine.


Xiao Niangzi is one of them.





The development of internet must be accompanied by the rise of computer and related hardware equipment. At that time, computers and sound cares were just popularized in Inner Mongolia. The elderly of the grasslands communicated with their children who worked far away from home through video. Xiao Niangzi smelled the commercial opportunity and sold relatively cheap sound cards to the elderly. In the golden age, Xiao Niangzi, who just left campus, earned herself first bucket of gold.


Although sales are fine, the overall profit still hovered at a medium-low level. Xiao Niangzi began to try to cut into the high-end sound card sales market. After communicating with the suppliers several times, she got to know live streaming as an emerging industry. Soon, with the help of suppliers, she officially entered the field of selling sound cards for streaming.


As the business expanded, she found herself familiar with more and more unions and broadcasters, and sometimes she played the role of a intermediary, introducing broadcasters to join unions as well as providing them with equipment.


Xiao Niangzi's sound card business went successfully, and her living standards improved as days went by. But she had no ideas back then that her story with live streaming has just begun.



Go Far Away to Chase the Dream


Communication with multiple parties when selling sound cards deepened her understanding of live streaming: it breaks the limitations of space, creating topics and sharing joy with distant friends. It can also bring her considerable income besides selling sound cards.


With the introduction of unions and other broadcasters, Xiao Niangzi entered Mifeng to become a broadcaster.


At that time, streaming was not as popular as now. Grasslands people hold prejudice about this industry, and my parents also disagreed with my choice. However, compared with them, Ive been knowing streaming for a long time, and I always believe in my choice. This is a promising industry. In order to realize my dream, for the first time I rebelled, and streamed in the store behind my parents.


Every drop of sweat is a gift of life. Xiao Niangzi could never be satisfied with being a broadcaster. The experience of dealing with the unions inspired her to run her own union. Soon, she found her best friend to co-start their first union, recruited broadcasters and provided them with equipment for free.


They sent out leaflets and traveled to neighboring cities to recruit broadcasters. Riding the wave of the internet, if you pay a little bit more effort than others, the possibility of your success will be greater. A considerable basic salary, high-quality equipment, and accommodation, the union attracted lots of young girls began to operate smoothly.


If Xiao Niangzi was destined to enter the industry of live streaming, the first half of her experience was way too smooth.


As her union scaled up, Xiao Niangzi and her friend disputed over the management of the union. The latter took away most of the broadcasters regardlessly.


She felt both angry and grudging, and swore to chase her dream of streaming on her own.


You can only get the chance of being a star broadcaster when you are strong enough, and then you can build a union of your own again.


Go further and enrich yourself!



Stay True to the Dream


Wuhan was a blessed city with abundant dance teaching resources. It provided Xiao Niangzi lots of methods to learn skills and also opportunities to realize her dream.


It was hard for me to move on from what happened before. Wuhan was very different with Inner Mongolia. Although life here is colorful, it was always humid. The sun never showed up. But when I dance, my mind was cleared and all I need to care about is my dancing moves. That was my most concentrating and enjoyable time after I left home.


Two years went by. Learning day after day, she turned from a starter to a professional in ballet, popular dance, folk dance, Korean dance, and children dance. She also made achievements in live streaming.


The time comes.


Xiao Niangzi was a completely different person from the old days. She became strong, confident and competent. After two years of striving, her heart remained the same. She need to start her own union.


From Wuhan to Inner Mongolia, Xiao Niangzi embarked on the train back home.


After her arrival, the first thing she did was to integrate all the resources and build her own union in Beelive--Enchong Media.


Things seem to turn on the good side. With the help of the operators, the number of broadcasters in the union gradually increased, "Enchong occupied a certain position in Mifeng; the epidemic in early 2020 changed the living habits of most people, including the parents of Xiao Niangzi. they began to buy daily necessities through live streaming due to social distance limitations, then gradually understood the industry their daughter was in and showed support.

Back then, the disapproval of parents, betrayal of her frined, and the loneliness of being far away from home, made Xiao Niangzis career full of hardships.

But she belonged to this industry by nature. From building connection with live streaming, to grasping the opportunity of mobile video streaming, she has always been determined and courageous on her way of chasing dreams.