Light up memories with warmth and love. The 7th anniversary celebration of Showself highlighted sentiments

Published on : 01 September 2021

On June 30th, the 7th Anniversary Ceremony of "Showing Youth and Creating Miracles" of Showself was ushered in the final championship competition. The 7-year-old anniversary is a memorable one. The celebration began on June 11th and is livelier than before. There are 7th anniversary limited gifts such as "Anniversary Medal", "Anniversary Room Flying Screen" and "Anniversary Fashion" online, while Showself also jointed with dozens of well-known enterprises including ChinaJoy and KOL with over one million followers and verified accounts for fan feedback activities offline. Streamers, unions, partners, and users also send birthday wishes to the platform, lighting up memories with warmth and love and expressing good expectations for the future.

The anniversary celebration shows the warmth of users' common memories

The 7th anniversary celebration of Showself was held in the form of a competition on the platform. Union awards, streamer awards and user awards were set up respectively. Among them, the competition of the actors ended on June 23, and the list of union and users’ competitors will be announced on June 30. The top 30 union competitors will receive VIP invitation letter from Scienjoy for 2021 China Union Development Forum and will discuss the development trend of live broadcast and industry expansion strategy with industry experts and executives.

Nearly 100 awards are set by Showself in three tracks. This anniversary celebration is not only a grand carnival in the whole station, but also an effective channel for all the users to express their memories and expectations to the future. On the eve of the event, the unions and the streamers of the whole station sent a birthday greeting to the platform for the seventh birthday. Once the thoughtful video was released on the official website of Showself and the official video account, it caused the encouragements form all the netizens. It is worth mentioning that the 7th anniversary celebration coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival. Showself not only launched a 70% off carnival for virtual gifts and provided zongzi gifts in the station, but also jointed with more than 20 well-known enterprises and verified accounts on new media platforms such as Weibo and Tieba to launched "The 7th Anniversary of Showself" birthday linkage, inviting netizens to participate in the topic discussion of "meeting with Showself on the 7th Anniversary" to share their love and touch in the past 7 years. Those who participated in the activity may win the fox doll, the 7th anniversary badge, etc. The activity attracted many netizens and the reading volume of topics in Weibo exceeded one million. Warm messages, such as "May everything you want can be realized, and may everything you do can be smooth", "I wish you better and better", and "Looking forward to more wonderful contents", make a wonderful contribution to the seventh birthday of Showself. It is because of love and warmth, as well as the support of netizens and fans that Showself will never forget its original aims and confront the future with various challenges.

Seven years of deep cultivation and practice of the initial heart of the enterprise

According to the data from Qianfan Analysis, Showself is among the top three in the field of entertainment live broadcast, with a huge user base and numerous fans. It belongs to Scienjoy, which was listed on NASDAQ in May 2020 in the US. In addition to Showself, it also has Lehitv, Haixiutv, Beeshow and BeeLive, a live broadcast platform for oversea markets and has over 250 million registered users currently. As the leader of China Mobile's video live broadcast industry, Scienjoy will continue to deepen its efforts in the live broadcast industry, build and gradually improve the whole ecology of mobile live broadcast, continue to explore the layout of "live broadcast+medical beauty", "live broadcast+e-commerce", "live broadcast+friends" and other fields, and increase MCN content production and streamer training capabilities to empower itself and the industry.

Showself, as the first live broadcast platform of Scienjoy, has always been its main export to expand and improve its pan-entertainment layout. In terms of supporting streamers and union, Showself provides differentiated support schemes for different streamers and unions. Through the annual grand ceremony, "Good Songs and Good Dance" talent room, "Bright Weekly Stars" and other competitions, it can tap potential streamers, create head star streamers, explore high-quality unions, and help streamers and unions realize their dreams with the advantage of platform resources. In terms of content, Scienjoy has continuously met the new user needs, and made many PGC contents such as "Run! Mrs. Cang", "The Voice of Showself", "You Draw, I Guess", etc., bringing users a novel viewing experience and a close sense of belonging to the platform with wonderful live programs and rich interactions. In terms of operation, Showself put forward the strategy of "creating unique content ecology with gamification thinking” and launched multiple parallel virtual worlds to create richer and more interesting content ecology for users with refined and differentiated operation methods, thus enhancing the competency of the platform. In addition, it never forgets its initiative aim and never stop practicing the social responsibility. A series of live broadcast activities including "Aershan Village Wall Painting Art Competition", "National Day for Helping the Disabled, Helping Disabled Athletes and Welcoming Winter Olympics", " Welcome Beautiful Countryside and Moderately Prosperous Society" and "Singing for the Prosperity After a Hundred Years of Hard Life" are broadcast live throughout Showself, which shows that the platform can empower public welfare undertakings and revitalize the countryside while meeting the increasingly diversified entertainment needs of users.

The advent of the 5G era has given new energy to live broadcast industry. The research and application of AI, AR, VR, and other technologies will enhance users' immersive experience and bring more possibilities for "live broadcast+". Seven years’ development marks a journey. Showself will become the favorable social platform for video live broadcast with innovation and hard work. With the deep integration and development of the Internet, Showself will not forget its original intention and continue to output high-quality content to create the next brilliant moment.