Scienjoy Was Selected into the 2021 List of Excellent Projects of Innovation Technology and Service Applications for Media Convergence

Published on : 16 December 2021

Recently, Scienjoys AI+AR based real-time virtual audio and video system was selected into the 2021 list of excellent projects of innovation technology and service applications for media convergence, and was included in Beijing Media Convergence Innovative Technology Application Project Database. The selection was host by Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau and organized by Guangming Online, which aims to accelerate media convergence and stress the leading function of advanced technology innovation.

After project collection, preliminary evaluation and re-evaluation by experts. This selection will upgrade 4 projects and add 100 new projects into the database; Apart from Scienjoy, Beijing Qihu Technology Co., Ltd., Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., and other companies were also in the list. Projects selected for Beijing Media Convergence Innovative Technology Application Project Database will be promoted and applied in major media and district-level media convergence centers in Beijing. Certain financial support will be provided for actually implemented projects. The selected projects will be introduced to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the whole country through China (Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region) Media Convergence Development and Innovation Center, China Media Convergence Conference and other platforms.


AI+AR based real-time virtual audio and video system is self-developed by Scienjoy. Based on this system, lots of fun functions can be realized on the products, including virtual effects, beautifying filters, stickers and so on, which enriches greatly the interactive experience of users during live streaming, improves the diversity of streaming content, and enhances streamer-user and user-user interaction, satisfying their social and entertainment needs.


Scienjoy always keep tracing and developing forward-looking technology, especially those with infinite potential in the 5G era, such as big data, AI, AR, and VR. Scienjoy has also achieved first-mover advantage and has a rich accumulation of talents, technology and patents.


In the future, Scienjoy will take the initiative to explore the construction of meta universe on top of actual streaming scenes,  providing participants with ultimate immersive experience, hyperspace social networking, digital community combining virtual and real interaction, and rich content ecology.