Scienjoy Unveils New Way to Play by Launching First-Ever Cross-Platform Competition

Published on : 08 April 2022

On Jan 14, 2022, Scienjoy, a leading live entertainment mobile streaming platform in China, kicked off “Best of Scienjoy”, the company’s first-ever cross-platform competition, inviting broadcasters from its five major platforms, Showself, Lehai, Haixiu, BeeHive, and Hongren, for a grand finale. After becoming the top dogs of their respective platforms, the winning broadcasters met to compete for the much coveted “Best of Scienjoy” title, and share the RMB 1 million prize pool.

The newly-devised cross-platform competition led to wild cheers from users across Scienjoy’s five platforms. Representing their own home arenas, the five platform winners, SiBaoChengzi (Showself), UU (Lehai), Gao Yaqin (Haixiu), Ya Dajie (BeeHive) and Xiuer (Hongren), took turns to face each other in one-on-one battles to contend for the “Best of Scienjoy” title, the highest honor of the year. Coming with engaging and thrilling designs, the competition turned out to be an adrenaline-pumping big show for both broadcasters and users as a whole.

Previously, the 2021 Scienjoy Annual Gala significantly improved not only broadcaster activity, but also activity, retention and payment conversion on the user side. And by launching the new cross-platform competition, Scienjoy is looking to harvest even more solid results. "Based on the experience of our just concluded annual gala, the ‘Best of Scienjoy’ competition is more than an upgrade to our content experience, as we believe it will positively contribute to our business growth." Noted  in charge of the cross-platform competition.

Continuing to step up both content and technology, Scienjoy has been focusing on advanced technologies, such as AI, AR, VR, MR, big data, blockchain and digital human, to drive the development of product and content. At the end of 2021, the company announced a strategic upgrade to build a livestreaming metaverse – under the breakthrough strategy, every livestreaming platform under Scienjoy will be transformed into a virtual world, and users, each holding a digital identity, will freely roam between different virtual worlds to experience a more grandeur yet diversified world view. Therefore, the cross-platform competition serves as Scienjoy’s milestone event in improving resources of product matrix, breaking barriers of traditional operations, exploring free roaming between multiple virtual worlds, and even building a livestreaming metaverse.

Scienjoy believes that world must be ready to embrace changes that will soon disrupt the way people engage each other through livestreaming. “Scienjoy’s livestreaming metaverse will foster super-immersive experiences, rich content scenarios, social interactions beyond time and space, and an interactive economic system that blends the reality and the virtuality. And we believe that will bring more delightful surprises to both users and the industry.”