Showself Named “2021 Excellent Digital Application

Published on : 13 January 2022

ecently, 2021 Analysys A10 Data Intelligence Summit drew to a successful close in Shanghai. At the spotlighted Digital Light Analysys Star Award Ceremony, Showself, a live streaming platform of Scienjoy was named “2021 Excellent Digital Application”.

As an important annual event in digital economy for more than ten years, Analysys Star Award has significant influence in the industry, and is known as the Data Oscar. This selection is based on multiple dimensions, including competitive power, operation excellence, investment value, user base, etc., in order to reflect with comprehensiveness and accuracy the level of digital development of enterprises. 100 enterprises are included on the winning list in a fierce competition, among which 40 apps are awarded as 2021 Excellent Digital Application, including Showself, IQIYI, EVCARD, Hello Inc., BCM, Pudaxiben, Shouqi Limousine&chauffeur, ICBC, ABC, CMB, etc.

As digital economy becomes the new engine of industrial development, frontier technologies like AI, AR, VR, big data, blockchain allow industries to stretch their imagination. At present, Scienjoy is constructing its live streaming metaverse in its platforms such as Showself, Lehai, Haixiu and Mifeng. Back at the beginning of 2020, Scienjoy had introduced several parallel virtual worlds in its platforms, striving to apply frontier technology to streaming scenes, make new breakthroughs in entertaining stream forms, improve product interactivity, and enrich its content ecology.


2021 Excellent Digital Application is another recognition from the market for Showself. With great strength, plentiful resources, and a high-quality user group, Showself has obtained many honors like 2020 China Golden Fingertip Best Innovative Entertainment Platform in and beyond the industry. In the future, it will continue to function as one of Scienjoys important carriers to construct live stream metaverse, researching and planning programs such as virtual streamers and interactive digital communities.


Certainly, Scienjoy has bigger dreams based on the exploration of metaverse. It plans to integrate advantages, merge its resources in live platforms, MCN, e-commerce, and so on, explore commercialization methods based on + live stream, and layout a multi-industry metaverse ecology.


Exploring and planning for metaverse is a crucial strategy. We have reserved plentiful talents, technologies and patents in order to embrace a bright future, said He Xiaowu, CEO of Scienjoy.