Stream Story | Enyun: Be a Lamp That Lights up Yourself and Others

Published on : 22 May 2023

In Chinese, the character (en)” stands for gratitude, while the character “ (yun)” stands for promise. So the name Enyun (恩允) means always being grateful and keeping your promise, which has also become her principle of doing things.

Pushed to Grow

Growing up is mostly a process of natural development over time, with changes that are gradually bestowed by time. But sometimes, there are also sudden storms and showers that you just can’t avoid, and they will push you to quickly mature – that may be a compromise, a separation, or a loss. These unexpected experiences push us to the next stage of life without pausing for a moment.

Enyun, who graduated from the tourism major, followed her father's advice after leaving school and found a stable job in her hometown. Although the job had nothing to do with her major, it was close to her home, so she was able to communicate with her parents about all things at any time and life turned out to be quite stable and smooth. However, it was in her graduation year that Enyun’s father, who used to be quite healthy, was diagnosed with cancer, which caused his health to deteriorate day by day. As the eldest daughter in the family, Enyun had to shoulder the biggest responsibility and pressure, and accompanied her father through the last period of his life.

The departure of her father made Enyun realize that the backbone who could help her solve problems and plan her life was no longer there, and no one would tolerate her childishness, fragility, and caprice like her father any more. In the days to come, she had to be her own backbone, and even more so, the support of her family.

Feel the Light and Be Your Own Light

As Enyun no longer had her father’s tolerance and support and had to take care of her mother and younger brother who was still studying, the income from her first job seemed a bit meager. To pursue a better life, Enyun chose to enter the completely unfamiliar livestreaming industry, and that marked the start of a life planned by her own.

Due to complete lack of experience, Enyun could only rely on her own when first working as a streamer, and only got on the right track after meeting the leader of her agency. From sharing experience, channeling mentality to encouraging and motivating, Enyun has continued to grow under the guidance of the agency, and her hardwork, persistence and sincerity have also allowed her to quickly harvest the fondness and following of many users. Among them, she is more than lucky to meet a big brother who is also like a teacher and a friend, accompanying and supporting Enyun all the way. At the just concluded mid-year contest on Hongren, Enyun, who was only participating for the first time, won the “Best New Streamer” title, showing how much she has transformed since first entering the industry.

The light of others lit the way forward for Enyun, but in her long journey of life, only she can accompany herself to the end. Feeling the light is just the start of one’s approach towards a better self, and only by becoming the light can one march on bravely and firmly. As Enyun said, once you have identified a path and stuck to your heart, all encounters come with a reason.

Want to Light up Others As Well

From relying on her family to being relied on by her family, this gentle and resilient southern girl has gradually matured, not only feeling the light cast by others, but also striving to be her own light. And now, Enyun also wants to become a lamp that lights up others.

Enyun says that she is very grateful for everything that livestreaming has brought her, and she is willing to continue with her passion for the profession. But more importantly, she hopes to help more people who have an interest but are powerless to access the industry, enabling them to become a better self. She says: "If only yourself is good, it’s not good enough; if everyone is good, that is the real good." After feeling warmth and solidarity at her agency, Enyun hopes to pay them forward to impact more people.