On Livestreaming Ecosystem | Gentlemen’s Entertainment: Integrity Enables Standing and Lasting Businesses

Published on : 15 May 2023

Though with a long history, the word "integrity" has never seen its social essence change since ancient times. It is the basic principle that beneficial and orderly human relations follow, the cornerstone of maintaining social order and healthy market economy, an important component of socialist core values, and the foundation of lasting business and career at all times and around the world.

Since its establishment in 2017, Gentlemen’s Entertainment has always adhered to the "integrity" principle, which enables the agency to gain a foothold and advance further in the livestreaming industry.

Exhibition of Integrity Will Always Be Equally Responded

"A person who is honest and trustworthy will naturally gain the respect and friendship of everyone. The other way around, if you are greedy for an immediate advantage, you will seem to get some benefits, but that will ruin your reputation for such small profit. Losing friends’ trust is like an act that’s penny wise and pound foolish, and that’s never worth it."

In 2017, China’s livestreaming industry entered a period of high-speed development. As a senior user, Fuqun had a deep fondness and understanding for entertainment livestreaming. With solid connections, reputation, and trustworthiness, he quickly gathered a group of like-minded friends and partners. Together, they founded Gentlemen’s Entertainment, a streamer agency that soon gained fame on Scienjoy’s BeeHive platform. Through the agency, more friends got to meet each other, enjoy online entertainment, and gather for offline parities.

In 2018, after a major reshuffle in the livestreaming industry, many agencies withdrew due to issues with operations. Also a livestreaming user, Gongzi was not only keenly aware of the industry’s huge development potential thanks to his sharp vision, but also worried about the unregulated status quo of the business. After joining the management team of Gentlemen’s Entertainment, he was determined to advocate "integrity", a principle that his hometown in Guangdong has upheld for thousands of years – he introduced new content forms into livestreaming, allowing users to have a better experience while promoting the sustainable and healthy development of Gentlemen’s Entertainment.

By celebrating integrity as the cornerstone of team development and business expansion, Gongzi led the agency to select high-quality streamers who are also diligent and sincere, and carry out systematic talent training and cultivation. Through such efforts, the agency gradually fulfilled all their promises with streamers and operations team in terms of personal development and economic benefits. It also allowed team members to improve their qualities, achieve leapfrog development in professional skills, and ensure stable incomes.

The mutual integrity and trust between team members made Gentlemen’s Entertainment embrace a virtuous circle of rapid development. With fast-spreading word of mouth, the agency harvested a better reputation in the industry, and won the preference and favor of more partners. Today, Gentlemen’s Entertainment has grown from a small team of five people to a big business of more than 100 employees, firmly consolidating its position as the leading agency on BeeHive livestreaming platform.



No Integrity, No Thriving Business

Founded in 2017, Gentlemen’s Entertainment wouldn’t be able to deliver breakthroughs one after another, if it hadn’t adhered to the team philosophy of "integrity is the essence of binding minds, and trust is the foundation of ensuring development".

The agency first acts to strengthen everyone's understanding of what the word "integrity" means, firmly believing that the quality is a company’s intangible asset and core competitiveness. Its management is required to win the trust of both customers and employees, take integrity as their management value, and fully follow the value across the whole process of operation and management.

Then, the agency establishes a complete integrity system, formulates a management approach for employing and developing talents with integrity, and standardizes the conducts of each team member. It has also established a reward and punishment system to assess all team members, so that the agency has practical standards for measuring integrity. At the same time, it is regulating its own operations to ensure the incomes and benefits of its streamers and employees.

The gene of "integrity" has already been deeply embedded into the development of Gentlemen's Entertainment. The principle helps reduce the risks the agency shoulders and faces, which promotes more stable business development.

Integrity Facilitates Lasting Businesses

Usually, the companies that most cherishes integrity can go the furthest. In today's fiercely competitive society, integrity is exactly the business secret behind the success of Gentlemen’s Entertainment in the increasingly contested livestreaming industry, although many are not aware of it.

Facing platform users, Gentlemen’s Entertainment keeps cultivating high-quality streamers and improving their professional qualities, so as to better meet users’ growing entertainment needs and allow them to access a better experience.

Facing business partners, Gentlemen’s Entertainment continues to expand its business scale and improve business planning with partners, so as to achieve shared development and win-win cooperation.

And facing the livestreaming industry, Gentlemen’s Entertainment earnestly follows policy requirements, vigorously promotes standardized operations, and drives the healthy growth of streamers, so as to foster a healthy and positive environment across livestreaming studios and ensure the integrity principle takes root.

No matter how times change, integrity will stay a principle that never goes out of date, and only companies that can truly celebrate the principle can stand and last.