Songs immerse people, “I Sing Love Songs For My Hometown" event hosted by Scienjoy sings the most beautiful nostalgia

Published on : 01 May 2020

"Poetry expresses aspirations, and songs are used for chanting". Songs have been a common formation to express emotions since ancient times and one’s hometown is always a great object to chant as it carries rich life experiences for generations. After half a month of wonderful performance, the “I Sing Love Songs for Hometown" event hosted by Scienjoy came to an end, and millions of users have participated in the event. This event is the third season of the series of "I'm a Spokesman for My Hometown" series of activities. Its subordinate live broadcast platforms including Showself, Lehi TV, Haixiu TV, and its strategic cooperation platform including Hongle TV, and Bee Show TV are reporting synchronously.

For many people who are far away from their hometowns, the Internet allows them to express their nostalgia, and "I Sing Love Songs for Hometown" brings them back to their hometown through the songs. In the era of rapid development of informatization, the combination of corporate social benefits and corporate responsibility is an important manifestation of Scienjoy’s content creation. 2020 is the year to fully finalize the fight against poverty, Scienjoy utilizes the advantages of its live broadcast platform and launched the "I Sing Love Songs for Hometown" event, which provides netizens with a channel to speak for their hometowns and show the sounds, etiquette, customs and feelings of their hometown. In the meantime, of expressing nostalgia, the love for our motherland has become more specific and sincere.

In order to better guide the host and users to participate in the activities to express love for their hometown and show their hometown’s image, Scienjoy opens video channels besides the live broadcast to guide the host and users to record and upload works, and highlight the popular works voted by netizens. Every song and every sound contain the love for their hometown. One’s hometown is not only an entity, but also the softest feelings and memories in one’s heart and one’s singing of hometown is a unique melody. Performers were dressed in Hanfu, or singing combined with performance, or using other styles of performance. In their interpretation, we seemed to hear the sound of the streams of the deep mountains, taste the Sichuan hot pot, or see grandma's smile... Their songs make people immersed in the situation and feel very moved.

Although "I Sing Love Songs for Hometown" came to an end, the impact of the activity continued. In May, on the basis of existing activities, the platform launched the theme content of "Scienjoy Helping to Build the Beautiful Countryside", and launch "One County, One Product" through the spokesperson of hometowns to support poverty alleviation. The entire event will continue until the end of 2020.