Scienjoy held “Sing Love Songs for My Hometown” activities, which were warmly welcomed by hosts and users

Published on : 16 April 2020

Recently, Scienjoy held "Sing Love Songs for My Hometown" activities, which were warmly welcomed by hosts and users. As of April 15, there were more than 1100 hosts participating in those activities, and an upsurge of karaoke was created on the platform. These activities will last until the 26th of this month.

As the theme of the third season of "Speak for My Hometown", " Sing Love Songs for My Hometown " is not only a continuation of the first two seasons, but also a breakthrough. In order to encourage more hosts and users to participate in the activities of displaying their hometown, this season sets up a green channel, through which, popular hosts are awarded the "hometown speaker" medals, and will receive platform data support.

Singing is the most direct and sympathetic mode of expression. Everyone's memory and yearning for their hometown have unique melodies. When the notes are beating, they are the spiritual driving force for your growth.

Let us express our attachment to our hometowns together with hosts. The serenity and beauty of hometowns are all in the songs. "I love singing. I feel very proud to be able to sing to so many netizens in my hometown."; "It is very different. It reminds me of my childhood and lots of other things."; "I come from a poor mountain area, and I hope that through my singing, I can demonstrate the customs and culture of my hometown and the determination of the people of my hometown to overcome poverty."

Exploring more valuable content, continuously outputting positive energy, and making the platform "live" are the original intentions of Scienjoy.

When COVID-19 broke out, the "home economy" broke out. People entered the era of "cloud". They also enjoyed "cloud life", "cloud fitness", "cloud gathering" and "cloud office". All kinds of "clouds" try to satisfy not only the entertainment needs of the public, but also the daily life needs and social needs under long-term quarantine.