Showself TV won the 2020 China Golden Fingertip "Best Innovative Entertainment Platform" award

Published on : 02 June 2020

On May 29th, Showself TV was invited to participate in the spring online summit of the "2020 Global Future Technology Conference" hosted by ii Media Research and won the "2020 China Golden Fingertip-Best Innovative Entertainment Platform" award.

The "Global Future Technology Conference" is an industry brand event created by ii Media Research. Given the situation resulting from the epidemic, this year's conference will be conducted for the first time in the form of a webcast. The conference will focus on the theme of "Technological Renaissance" and focus on cutting-edge fields, such as online education, online office, online medical treatment, face technology, and cloud computing and robots. During the two-night summit, 11 industry analysts, industry elites, and experts were invited to give speeches and peak dialogues, which received 1,363,454 online viewings, and the cumulative live broadcast duration was 5 hours, 22 minutes, and 50 seconds.

The 2020 China Golden Fingertip Award event was also shown via live broadcast. The China Golden Fingertip Awardis organized and selected by ii Media Research, the world's leading data mining and analysis agency for the new economy, to recognize the development achievements of the new economy over the past year. The award's authority, value, and reputation are highly recognized and is called "the weather vane of the global new economy." This selection was jointly conducted by several industry associations, investment institutions and industry experts, and many Internet users around the world. With the help of the analysis of the ii Media Big Data Public Opinion Monitoring System, a fair and just authority selection was conducted.

After more than two months of competition, Showself TV stood out from nearly 700 participating companies and won the "2020 Best Innovative Entertainment Platform" award.

The rapid development of China's Internet technology has driven people's demand for daily entertainment. In the mobile Internet pan-entertainment industry represented by online live broadcasting, the user base is huge, time spent on entertainment has increased, and entertainment methods are diversified. The pan-entertainment platform covers a series of program types such as music, dance, variety shows, games, outdoor, food, etc., and provides diverse entertainment content for Internet users. According to data from ii Media Research, the number of users in China's online live broadcast industry reached 504 million in 2019, with a growth rate of 10.6%; the user size is expected to reach 526 million in 2020.

As a video live broadcast social platform, Showself TV is the industry leader. In May 2020, Scienjoy, the parent company of Showself TV, was officially listed on NASDAQ. Showself TV has rich high-quality host resources and high-value user groups, adheres to technology-driven user experiences and content upgrades, improves the efficiency of entertainment supply, and leads the new mobile entertainment experience.

The "Live +" business model will continue to improve. The online live broadcast platform will pay more attention to refined and professional operations, shape and strengthen its differentiated advantages through innovation in products, forms and content, and enhance user experience through technology empowerment, deploy more business and content modules, and win the online live broadcast industry competition.

Technological innovations, such as 5G, also bring huge opportunities for the development of the online live broadcast industry. With its excellent strength, rich resources and high-quality user groups, Showself TV has won wide recognition and good reputation both inside and outside the industry. It indeed merited to win the "Best Innovative Entertainment Platform" award.