So Soft! I Guess You Have Never Heard Such a Soft Voice

Published on : 31 October 2018

"I love singing to everyone, and everyone is quiet, quiet, let me sing in a Qinhuai scene, sing to the public to listen to it..."

In 2011, director Zhang Yimou of  The "Qin Huai Jing" in the "Jinling Thirteen" was promoted. The expectation was high. In order to let the netizens feel the tenderness of "Suzhou Daughter" from a close distance, on October 18th, the "Hello, New Era – Chinese Opera Pick Me", sponsored by and Xiuyi Entertainment was broadcasted live. It invited Sun Hao, the head of the Suzhou Pingtan Group, and Wu Jing, the national first-class actor, as guests to perform a live performance of Suzhou Pingtan.

The Suzhou Pingtan is a general term for the Suzhou commentary and the Suzhou story. It is a traditional form of drama and storytelling that uses the Wu language to talk about performances. The play usually consists of one person on the stage. The story is mostly the historical romance of the Jin Ge Iron Horse and the courageous hero of the Feng Geyun. The lyrics are generally two people singing, holding the three strings instrument. The content is mostly the legendary novels for children and love story, or folk story. Both the commentary and the lyrics are exquisitely eloquent. Wu Yu’s soft words are sizzling; the performances are often interrupted with some jokes. The lyrics are sung in Wuyin. They are swaying, soft and gentle, and very pleasant.

"Jinhua Jing" in "Jinling Thirteen" is a Suzhou rhetoric. Sun Wei, head of the Suzhou Pingtan Group, said "Additionally, there is a familiar play, "Spring Beauty" before the Spring Festival Evening".  According to reports, Suzhou Pingtan was produced and popular in Suzhou, as well as in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The history of Pingtan is long. It has been popular in the Qing Emperor Qianlong period. It has been around for more than 200 years. In 2008, Suzhou Pingtan was selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage expansion projects.

Suzhou Pingtan has a singing part and can be divided into three performance modes; namely, one person's single file, two people's double file, and three people's three files. The actors singing was accompanied by instruments of  three small strings and cymbals. "Also, the genre of Suzhou Pingtan is quite different from other operas. In the Suzhou Pingtan, it is called 'tune', such as Chen (Xianggan), Ma (such as Fei), Yu (Xiushan), etc.. " The head of Sun Wei told the viewers of the live show,  "now, after assistance and development, some of the descendants have also formed a new genre, and the number of Suzhou Pingtan 'tune' is increasing."

Suzhou Pingtan can be divided into long articles, middle articles, and book-breakers according to its duration. "The time for general book is less than half an hour, the middle one is relatively long, and the length of the long article is rather scary." Director of Suzhou Art Jubilee Art Committee Wu Jing, a national first-class actor, said, "Like this evening's mid-term essay "Military", the duration is about two hours." Some netizens said that "it's terribly long!"

At the end of the live broadcast, the host and the audience watched some performances of Suzhou Pingtan. After the sound of the cymbals and the three strings rang, the actor sang the story with Wu Yin. The tone was warm and sweet and made the netizens seem to be in the rain of the south of the Yangtze River. "My bones are crisp."

"Hello, New Era - Chinese Play Pick Me" is a large-scale live broadcast event jointly sponsored by the Mobile Network Administration of the Central Network Office,, and Xiuyi Entertainment. Since the launch, has brought netizens to watch various local operas such as Huai Opera, Sichuan Opera, Qincao, Zhanhua Fishing Drum, Jingmen Huagu Opera, and Zhuxian Opera. The measure is effectively spreading Chinese traditional excellent operas and letting more young people understand China's traditional culture.