Xiu Color Entertainment: Live Broadcast Help Non-Legacy Old Skills Encounter New "Friends"

Published on : 30 October 2018

Intangible cultural heritage is the treasure of the Chinese traditional culture. It collected the wisdom of generations and is still relevant today. However, the problem is that plenty of new generation is foreign to cultural heritage, despite the fact that intangible cultural heritage has attracted increasing attention and protection. An outstanding live video enterprise which has a strong social responsibility,  Xiuse Entertainment launched a special live broadcast with the theme of “The Meeting with Intangible Cultural Heritage Again.” Through this live cast, young audience can learn more about historical culture, charm of the cultural heritage, and the effort of the intangible cultural inheritor. Traditional art will meet new "friends" by the modern way of transmission.

"Seeing the non-legacy" live show special session won the welcome and recognition of viewers: the first Beijing sugar people, through the introduction and display of the inheritor Hou Guoyi teacher. Netizens have expressed their feelings of memories of their childhood. The Beijing-Dong Drum was wonderfully interpreted by Mr. Yu Jie. The netizens admire: "There is a Beijing-style rhyme, it is unique!" In the Manchu Township of the Long Sentinel Camp, the Baqi culture and the flavor of the beige, oil cake, and Erba satisfied the netizens along with the popular Qing opera. Kite inheritor Liu Bin insisted on hand-made beautiful kites in the midst of the fast-paced era and new technologies. The master of the plastic sculpture, Zhang Baolin, is ingenious. The works have both high ornamental value and rich traditional cultural connotations. The live broadcast for foreigners helps them to make a good collision between traditional and modern culture; China and foreign countries. Tian Xueming ancient color tricks have changed a lot, coupled with the teacher's language humor making the netizens hooked. Many netizens did not look down on it and felt that every game was refreshing.

The webcast platform provides a cross-regional display stage for inheritors. The strong interaction of the network platform enables two-way interaction of communication. The live broadcast platform can capture the feedback of the audience; the feedback is timely and effective. Quickly pass to inheritors, let "demand" and "supply" accurately dock, letting old skills find "new friends." 

Xiuyue Entertainment has always been committed to provide high-quality, diverse live content and constantly exploring "live +". The "Seeing Others" series is not the first attempt of Xiu Cai Entertainment. Last year, Xiuyue Entertainment launched a special live show of the "National Beauty" drama, which was welcomed by netizens and recognized by the cultural elites. This year's "I am the endorsement for my hometown", "Hello, New Era" series of live broadcasts and other activities have also become a major point of view; the response is good.

"Seeing the non-legacy" once again proves that "live + non-legacy" is a useful and beneficial practice. The live broadcast brings the non-legacy to the eyes of more people. It allows the non-legacy to have a broader display space, promoting the non-genetic inheritance and the actual formation of the new interpretation of the non-legacy. It consequently attracts more young people's. The non-legacy added high-quality content for the live broadcast optimized the platform content ecology, and let the live broadcast have more emphasis on the Chinese traditional culture.

Xiuyue Entertainment will continue to pay attention to the protection and revitalization of traditional culture and let traditional culture enter the lives of young people.