Showself Takes You to The West Qin Opera to Enjoy the Rare Drama Charm

Published on : 31 October 2018

Recently, under the guidance of the Mobile Network Administration of the Central Network Office, the “Hello, New Era – Chinese Opera, Pick Me”  conducted a large-scale live broadcast. The event was jointly hosted by Xiuyi Entertainment and As one of the four rare operas in Guangdong, Xiqin Opera has a 400-years history. During the performance, viewers said that they experienced the style of opera that they had never heard before, and they applauded.

Xiqin Opera is originated from the Western Qin Dynasty during the Ming Dynasty. It has a cultural history of more than 450 years. It has spread from the northwest to Guangdong Hailufeng. It was then combined with local folk art; forming a free atmosphere. It is a drama with a unique artistic style that has become one of the four rare operas in Guangdong. Due to the preservation of the artistic factors of the ancient operas of the Western Qin Dynasty, Xiqin Opera also became living evidence of the evolution of the local operas  during the Qing Dynasty. In 2006, it was approved by the State Council as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage protection projects.

In other operas, "Liu Xi Xunzi," also known as "Two Tangshezi," is known to be the most popular repertoire of the Western Qin Opera classics. The inheritor, Lu Weiping plays the role of Liu Xi, the protagonist of the play. In addition to the soothing and mellow singing, he also brought the unique "chair kungfu" of this drama. On the stage, Lu Weiping sang a song while playing the "chair flower." During the play, the hands did not touch the chair, but the chair tend to move forward and move up and down. The four legs turned round and round, left and right, winning a full house.

Lu Weiping has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Under the guidance of Luo Zhenbiao and Tang Tuo's highly respected teachers, Lu Weiping, who loves Xi Qin opera, has finally become the successor of the contemporary Western Qin opera. However, the creator Lu Weiping sighed: "Unfortunately, the troupe that plays the Western Qin opera in the country is only one." Hearing this, there are netizens in the live room who regret this situation and some expressed their willingness to contribute spreading  Xiqin opera. Moreover, more netizens said that they want to learn the Western Qin opera. "The traditional must be learned!"

Chinese opera has existed for nearly a thousand years and has a long history. It not only includes the creation of the working people and the results of the research and exploration of the sacred philosophers of the past but also absorbs the essence of other national cultures. It covers all aspects of human life. As individuals who are a parts of a society, we can treasure a lot of things that matters to us. With this in mind, Xiu Se Entertainment is always committed to provide positive live content and exploring how to combine the emerging communication method of live broadcasting with excellent traditional cultural content. Since the launch, the host  has led  netizens to appreciate the various local dramas such as Huai Opera, Sichuan Opera, Qin Qian, Zhanhua Fishing Drum Opera, Jingmen Huagu Opera, and Zhu Xian Opera.