Showself won the annual popular product and popular self-discipline live broadcast platform of Baoding Fengyunhui

Published on : 18 May 2017

On May 17, 2017, the 2017 Pan Entertainment Industry Leaders Summit - Baoding Fengyunhui & Asian Anime List Festival was held in Beijing. With its brilliant performance in the past year, Showself won the annual popular product and annual self-discipline live broadcast platform in this event.

It is reported that the festival is jointly organized by China Animation Group Co., Ltd. and microblog Animation. It is launched from the three chapters of "Sharing and Enjoyment" aimed to make cultural services more grounded and to support and encourage potential enterprises to create more vitality. The aim is to provide real and effective direction and guidance for the majority of network culture practitioners in China and upstream and downstream enterprises in the pan-entertainment industry chain, to build a stage for industry discussion, to deliver the latest and fastest industry dynamics, and to bring together outstanding network culture enterprises. The inventory of excellent products that are popular among the majority of netizens is widely released to the public in the form of a list, providing real and effective wind direction guidance for the development of the industry, realizing the integration of the industry, and playing a different “enjoyment” for the layout of China's pan-entertainment industry.

In the process of appraisal and evaluation of the APP, according to the background of Internet big data, the products are analyzed, then the list is released to the public. The product categories such as annual popularity, annual new year, yearly creativity, and most expectations are set up. These show has stood out among the many products, and won the popular annual products of Baoding Fengyunhui and the annual self-discipline live broadcast platform of Baoding Fengyunhui. The award also includes the Netease game "Fantasy Westward Journey" mobile game, Tencent Technology (Shenzhen). Ltd. "King of the Kings," Beijing Honeywood Network Technology Co., Ltd. "Yingke Live" and other well-known products.

The influence of live broadcast has left many "myths" in 2016, which has set off a new wave of social media. Watching the live broadcast has become the habit of most of the 80s and 90s people. The show will provide users with 24*7 all-weather host services while constantly innovating on products and developing differentiated products to enable users to enjoy a full range of mobile entertainment. In the internet entertainment ecology, as of the end of 2016, Showself was in the top five mainstream third-party in android app store in the country and achieved great success.

It is reported that Showself is deeply cultivating in the differentiation strategy while continuously enriching the platform's high-quality content, optimizing technology, providing users with the ultimate experience and content with more social value and ideological value while encouraging users to fully tap the content creation potential for the majority. Users provide a healthy, lively, and positive online platform to win user reputation.