Scienjoy host cross-border helped GMIC extraordinary ceremony

Published on : 28 April 2017

The 2017 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) extraordinary ceremony was unveiled in Beijing on the evening of April 27th. GMIC Extraordinary Ceremony is the prestigious ceremony in the field of science and technology, the Internet field, and the field of pan-entertainment. The Internet Age of the Year Award was announced.

The Global Mobile Internet Conference was held in Beijing. Showself Entertainment hosted the GMIC extraordinary ceremony and led the audience in front of the screen to appreciate the grand ceremony. It is understood that Showself Entertainment belongs to Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Scienjoy). Scienjoy is a high-tech company dedicated to the investment and development of the mobile Internet and entertainment industry. It has four major live broadcasts, including Showself, Lehai Show, Haixiu show, and Hongle Live. It is well known as mobile live broadcast. It has emerged as an emerging industry in recent years and has brought tremendous changes to the Internet industry. Live broadcasts have made it possible to watch programs anytime and anywhere. The famous broadcasters of the four live broadcast platforms are invited to gather in GMIC. The extraordinary event was broadcast live on the spot and led thousands of users to experience the event.


The opening ceremony of GMIC's extraordinary ceremony was held in the Showself, Lehai Show, Haixiu show, and Hongle Live. From the live red carpet show to the ceremony, there were different hosts for the broadcast. The entire contents of the Internet Festival are displayed in front of many netizens, and many netizens are full of immersive experience. Showself Entertainment Company has been committed to creating a world-leading mobile Internet entertainment ecosystem with the mission of letting users enjoy a full range of mobile entertainment life. For the vision, this cross-border live broadcast is another self-breakthrough.

Mega-merger and win-win, live broadcast, the finishing touch

The GMIC Extraordinary Ceremony unveiled the Internet Age Annual Awards and used the mobile Internet live broadcast platform to broadcast the festival from different angles. In real sense, the industry has always been cross-cutting with innovative thinking as the core. Exploring the infinite imagination brought about by the future of science and technology, here, the original intention of a group of future leaders is being born.