Scienjoy CEO, Victor He, Won the 2016 Zhongguancun Ten Overseas Returnee Star

Published on : 25 May 2017

On May 25, 2017, CEO of Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Scienjoy), Victor He, won the "Zhongguancun Cultural Innovation Industry Top Ten Innovative People" and also the 2016 Zhongguancun Brand Promotion Series, "2016 Zhongguancun Ten Overseas Returnee Star".

The event was sponsored by the Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee and Zhongguancun Social Organizations Federation. The Zhongguancun Talents Association hosted the event to explore further, motivate, and recognize overseas returning entrepreneurial talents at the start-up industry. Since its inception in 2009, the event has received full attention and participation from all walks of life.

It is understood that Victor He obtained an MBA degree from New Brunswick University in Canada in 2004 and worked for Teradata Canada. He returned to China to join Tyco China in 2008. In 2011, he founded the predecessor of Scienjoy (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Scienjoy). The new model of entertainment O2O service was proposed in that year, which caused substantial repercussions in the industry. In 2014, the company officially launched "Showself" and got involved in the field of mobile video broadcasting. At present, the company also has several live broadcast platforms such as Lehai TV, Haixiu TV, and Hongle TV. It has been deeply immersed in the field of live video broadcasting, realizing the rapid growth of brand value, and has received extensive attention in the industry and played a role in the development of the industry. Victor He said that this award is a form of recognition and encouragement. While operating the brand, it will carry more social responsibilities