SCIENJOY brings you the beauty of Beijing central axis

Published on : 16 June 2020

Culture is the core of the national spirit, the soul of a nation and the source of national strength. Excellent traditional culture embodies the Chinese nation's spiritual pursuit of self-improvement, which is the precious heritage left to us by our ancestors. It is of great historical significance for China’s great rejuvenation to carry forward the excellent national culture, innovate according to the characteristics of the period, and gather social forces. On June 13, cultural and natural heritage day, SCIENJOY brought you the beauty of Beijing's central axis through "webcast + traditional culture".

Beijing has been a grand capital for thousands of years with countless talents. Beijing, an ancient capital with a history of 3,000 years, has become a magnificent city after such long history. Among them, the most brilliant place is the north-south axis.

The central axis of Beijing is one of the representative symbols of Chinese culture. It is 7.8 km long. It has been the symmetrical axis of building in Beijing since the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The unique magnificent order of Beijing comes from the front and back of the central axis’ ups and downs, left and right symmetry, the north-south extension and central axis going straight to the end. It is one of the outstanding urban design examples in the history of the world, which contains the profound cultural connotation and philosophy of the Chinese nation. As the soul and backbone of Beijing's old city, the central axis demonstrates the key part of Beijing's historical and cultural heritage.

Only with the help of appropriate forms, can the magnificent beauty be passed on for a longer time and further. This live broadcast followed the trend of mobile, social and visual communication, and used the youth platform of "network live broadcast + traditional culture", starting from the protection, restoration and opening of the central axis, the overall protection and inheritance of the old city and the revival as well as innovation of historical context, etc., to deeply explore the historical , cultural and era connotation of the central axis.

In the live broadcast activity of "global cloud enjoying the beauty of Beijing central axis", SCIENJOY’s Xiuse platform matching high-quality resources brought more users a traditional culture feast through the form of online live broadcast, which did not rely on the venue, region and cultural background.

SCIENJOY officially landed on NASDAQ in May 2020. With the rapid development of China's Internet economy and technology, as the leading mobile internet entertainment industry, "live online" has become the most important way for people to open daily entertainment. With its rich high-quality webcaster resources and high-value user groups, Xiuse live broadcasting is always keeping using technology to drive user experience and content upgrading, and improve the efficiency of entertainment supply. Xiuse creates a new experience of mobile entertainment for the majority of users, and won the 2020 China golden fingertip "best innovative entertainment platform" award.

As a representative of a well-known domestic cultural enterprise, SCIENJOY has always earnestly fulfilled its responsibilities as a platform to provide excellent network performances that are healthy, upward in content and beneficial to the promotion of socialist core values. In 2019, the Xiuse with internet users enjoyed the charms of a dressing show of The light of the Silk Road, witnessed the silk Pearl along the Belt and the Road. And in the "I write poems for my hometown" series of live activities, Xiuse’s webcast commemorated and respected for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China.

Since the establishment of SCIENJOY, it has always earnestly practiced its social responsibility. It not only pays attention to show Chinese culture, but also cares about the public welfare.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia disrupted the lives of people in the whole country at the beginning of 2020. SCIENJOY thoroughly implemented epidemic prevention and control and fulfilled its corporate responsibility. This company donated RMB 1 million to Wuhan to protect front-line medical staff by purchasing urgent materials for epidemic prevention. At the same time, SCIENJOY called on employees to make voluntary donations and raised 100k Yuan which had been donated to Wuhan Charity Association as soon as possible. In addition, the company's Xiuse live, Lehi live, Hixiu live and cooperating platforms actively publicized "anti-epidemic" measures, and guided webcasters and users to jointly fight against the epidemic to win this special war.

SCIENJOY is a high-tech enterprise with high responsibility. It is always concerned about friends in the key epidemic area of Hubei. The "Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications’ Alumni Entrepreneur Care For Students Anti-epidemic Relief Fund" was established with the participation of SCIENJOY, which donated 100K Yuan to help students from Hubei Province.

With the transformation and upgrading of the "Pan-entertainment" economy to "new culture and innovation", the Internet platform with Chinese traditional culture at the spiritual core, paying attention to humanistic care and cultural connotation, and spreading positive energy is also increasingly in line with the requirements of this period. SCIENJOY actively creates a new entertainment culture platform and makes its own efforts for the dissemination of traditional culture. In addition, it actively expands the combination of live broadcast and education, medical care, public welfare, sports and other fields, so as to make the live broadcast more diversified, more in line with the needs of the times, and more able to gather popularity and promote righteousness.