Converging entrepreneurship to share the future! Come and think about the story of the entrepreneurial gods!

Published on : 01 November 2018

On October 28th, the first "Sixiang Cup" Beijing Youth Convergence Entrepreneurship Competition was held at the Beijing Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation. The competition was co-sponsored by the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Education Commission, and the Communist Youth League Committee. The Municipal Disabled Welfare Foundation and other units jointly selected a total of six teams to enter the finals.

There are 13 projects in the rematch, involving cultural innovation, sports, education, video, agriculture + e-commerce, non-legacy hand-made, psychological counseling, and other aspects. The competition is very intense!

[90-year online shop "CEO" sales of up to 500,000 yuan a year]

The "Internet + Township" project developed by the Miyun District Disabled Persons' Federation left a deep impression on the judges.

Liu Xin, the founder of the project, is a 90 year old man living in Miyun with his family. "When I was 3 years old, I was forced to live with a wheelchair because of a car accident", he said.

However, Liu Xin is very hardworking. Not only did he self-study and completed his college education, but he is operating the "Mixiang Xiangwei" Taobao shop which opened more than a year ago. The sales was more than 500,000 yuan; directly driving more than 100 households and increasing farmers' income — more than 100,000 yuan.

The store sells red fragrant pears, tomatoes, chestnuts, crisp dates, walnuts, sweet potatoes and other special products to all parts of the country to help families with disabled fruit farmers. It aims to sell fruit 3 to 5 kilograms.

[Olympic champion fitness studio]

The 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games archery gold and silver medalist, Gao Fangxia and two other partners created Pandora Fitness Studio in Shuangjing.

The studio has opened a series of fitness courses for the public, including one-on-one private lessons, small group courses, and training camps. At present, there are 80 members, and the monthly net profit is more than 20,000 yuan.

While operating, the three young people actively entered the community to promote the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. They also carried out residents' healthy physical management and community fitness activities.

[Angel's Wings]

At the age of 70, Haigui English teacher Chen Bingou was diagnosed by mental illness. For three years, he lived in a confined space and could not get out.

He participated in the training course for disabled people by chance.

This made him realize the value of his voice. He also met a group of disabled people who are full of positive energy despite their disability. They set up their host studios, broadcasting audiobooks and producing contents on Internet radio stations; creating value for people with disabilities.

He hopes to work with his friends to produce programs on more online platforms; bringing sunshine and hope to more disabled friends. He hopes to use the voice to awaken the dreams of disabled friends, letting their dream soar in the era of Internet + entrepreneurship.

[Do you know the bunny answering app?]

Sun Yiyuan, the bunny's answering founder, was diagnosed with severe deafness at the age of 1. At the age of 3, she got a cochlear implant. Sun Yiyuan's mother began a long language rehabilitation training for her daughter.

Because of the difficulties in seeking medical treatment, Sun Yiyuan teamed up with the team to develop an answering app. She strives to build a comprehensive online platform that allows users, parents, professionals, and medical providers to conduct consultation and rehabilitation online. It is hoped that more people get rehabilitation and help to recover.

On April 9th, 2018, the rabbit answering app was officially launched. Up to now, the number of app users has reached 651, with an average of 120 active daily and over 1,000 articles.

[New ideas for entrepreneurship - study abroad education]

Because of various reasons during her mother's pregnancy, Wang Zhengyi suffered congenital intestinal obstruction and got her left leg injured in an accident.

Although her body has many limitations, Wang Zheng still got into the Beijing Second Foreign Languages ​​Institute. Later, with the support of her family, she went to Japan to study and lived and worked in Japan for many years.

Wang Zheng hopes that more students will be able to go abroad and see the world.

Therefore, in 2015 and 2017, she founded Beijing Leyi Learning Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Leyi Learning Co., Ltd. to introduce Japanese local entrance and enrollment training and examination mechanism to China; providing overall escort and quality assurance for students studying abroad.

At the same time, Wang Zheng also commits to help the majority of disabled people; providing them with jobs related to studying abroad and education.

[Beijing Big Girl Who Loves Baking]

Sun Jing is a Beijing big girl. She was disabled due to a car accident at the age of five and a half.

However, as people often say, when God closes a door for you, it will open another for you. Sun Jing is very fortunate. She build a happy family with her partner with a lovely pair of children.

In order to let the children eat healthier food, she began to learn baking. Formal baking school does not matter; Sun Jing has never been able to get it. Nevertheless, she is addicted to the many varieties of desserts.

Now, Sun Jing has mastered nearly 100 desserts and has customized services for hundreds of customers, including Mercedes-Benz, GAC, Power Planet, and other important customers.

This year, Sun Jing and her teammates began to provide professional system courses and DIY activities for on-site baking products for the Wing Wai Disabled Persons' Federation. The committees successfully trained four disabled students to be on the team.

She said: "The accident was not a disaster that God gave me, but a gift. It made me understand the voices of disabled people, let me and my team to accompany them and lead them to an employment path."

Their stories are warm and powerful, real and not flashy, ordinary but exceptional, and this is the meaning of "fusion" - equality, participation, sharing!

In the future, more and more disabled friends are expected to take a firm and confident pace and actively invest in building the country and Beijing. Perhaps their bodies are still weak, but we believe that the brave, beautiful souls of these fragile bodies will eventually glisten and become an essential asset of building Beijing.