Unlocking New Ways of Cultural Communication

Published on : 02 November 2018

A nation, a country, and even the entire human cultural tradition are composed of different cultural forms, and cultural heritage is a crucial part. It is not only the crystallization of human wisdom, but also the essence of human culture, which vividly reflects the diversity of world culture. Therefore, the dissemination of the content and spirit of intangible cultural heritage is of great significance to the development of the nation and the process of world civilization.

However, we should also see that with the strengthening of globalization and the acceleration of the modernization process, China's cultural ecology has undergone tremendous changes. The inheritance of intangible cultural heritage has emerged as a cliff-like "fault." Some cultural heritages that rely on dictation and behavioral inheritance are steadily disappearing, and many traditional techniques are on the verge of extinction. The living space of intangible cultural heritage is becoming more and more narrow. In addition to its many problems, the single form of communication and the lack of communication channels are also important reasons for this problem.

Fortunately, the continuous innovation of modern technology, television, network and other means of communication have played an essential role in the protection and dissemination of intangible cultural heritage.

As the leader of the new media communication platform, Xiuyue Entertainment has been “continuously creating a new platform for entertainment, culture, and fulfilling social responsibilities” as a persistent pursuit of the company. Xiuyue Entertainment's Xiuying Live, Lexiu Show, Xiu Xiu Xiuchang, Red Man Live, and Honey Live Broadcasting are all based on the dissemination of excellent traditional culture; actively exerting the advantages of the platform, and successively launching the “National Beauty” and “Jinxiu Zhonghua” "Hello, New Era" and other series of live broadcasts. They explore the combination of traditional culture with rich cultural heritage and broadcast it live. They strive to spread positive content for the audience.

From October 22nd to October 27th, Xiu Se Entertainment teamed up with the Beijing Culture and Art Fund and the Beijing Network Culture Association to launch a special broadcast of “See You Again”. During the 6-day live broadcast, Beijing Sugar Man, Jing Yun Drum, Manchu Food Customs, Beijing Kite, Face Plastic and Ancient Color Tricks were successively unveiled. It successfully connects the new media communication methods with the intangible cultural heritage propaganda. It also successfully publicises cultural heritage and it has increased the cultural heritage of the platform; which has been well received by netizens and media peers.

In the first live broadcast of Beijing Sugar Man, Mr. Hou Guoyi told the audience about the history of the development of the sugar-blowing people, the story of the sugar-man culture and the relationship between himself and the sugar-man culture. Mr. Hou Guoyi hopes that the seeds of the sugar-man culture will sprout in the hearts of more people through his own strength, and let the cultural heritage of sugar people penetrate into people's lives. Some netizens expressed their feelings, "The sugary person is the warmest memory of my childhood, it is really sweet!" "I hope that my children will feel this sweetness too..."

The netizens admire: "There is a Beijing-style rhyme, it is unique!" There is also a netizen who expressed deep admiration for the perseverance and love of the teachers. In the Manchu Township of Changshouying, the Baqi culture and the beige and oil cakes and the Erba seats have made the netizens think of the popular Qing opera. “It turned out that this was the food that was eaten in the past”. The court kite inheritor Liu Bin insists on hand-crafted beautiful kites. Inheriting and introducing new technologies to innovate, the professional attitude has won the admiration of netizens. The master of face-painting master Zhang Baolin is ingenious. His works have both high ornamental value and rich tradition. Cultural connotation, live broadcast to foreigners to help out, let "traditional and modern, China and foreign countries have a virtuous collision". Mr. Tian Xueming's ancient color tricks change, meaning happy, coupled with the teacher's language humor made the netizens hooked. Many netizens did not look down on it and felt that every game was refreshing. "The more excellent content, the better!"

Liang Qichao wrote in his book "Youth China": "Youth wisdom is the national wisdom, and juvenile strength is the national strength." Today's young people are the future of our country and the hope of the inheritance of the nation's outstanding culture. Xiuyin Entertainment's live broadcast platform can link the advantages of the platform with the cultural communication, and output the non-legacy skills in a way that young people like to see and hear. It is not only a reflection of the strong sense of responsibility of the company, but also unlocks a new model in cultural heritage and opens up a new model. The new channel is worth learning in the industry. Xiuyue Entertainment will continue to explore and design better content, contribute to the spread and protection of intangible cultural heritage, and let Chinese excellent traditional culture reach more young people and go global.