Showself: sinking market, refined operation, fast and high net worth users

Published on : 11 December 2017

From 2016 to 2017, “Fast Life and Fast Death” is a good summary of the battle of the live broadcast. Survival under the triple test of user competition, traffic realization, and regulatory supervision is rare. In the second half of the Internet, where should the live broadcasters go? What will the performance of the live broadcasts around IP, content, and mode be like?

At the 3rd anniversary of the live broadcast at the end of August this year, it has produced two star anchors with a total flow of more than one million and pulled 3 million RMB in the show platform in half an hour. At the same time, Showself began to fully transform the anchor into a professional IP, and accelerate the platform content precipitation through high-quality anchor talents such as “MC, chat area, dance area, instrumental music, entertainment”.


Platform theme activity operation, greatly boosting the scale of the month

According to the data of Yiguan Qianfan, in October 2017, Showself was ranked 7th in the entertainment live field, following the YY, Pepper, Yingke, Live, Panda TV and NowTV. The newly monitored active users were value at 2,905,600, an increase of 9.11% from the previous month; the number of starts was 7,297,700, an increase of 17.45% from the previous month; the use time was 946,600 hours, an increase of 9.44% from the previous month.


October 2017, Showself’s Live Broadcast Show Active Scale

Judging from the change in the monthly activity trend in 2017, Showself active scale experienced the traffic deficit in the live broadcast field at the beginning of the year and has also fallen into an industry embarrassment. The monthly scale is up and down in 2 million, especially in the second half of the year, the scale is shrinking. This is also related to the overall user attention shift in the field of pan-entertainment. With the adjustment of the operation direction in the second half of the year, especially the diversified user operation activities such as the aforementioned anniversary celebrations, the activities at the end of August brought a significant boost to the monthly life scale in September. The growth of active users in September 2017 reached 67.88. %, by October, it harvested 2,905,600 monthly livelihoods and achieved a 9.11% growth.


January-October 2017 Showself’s active scale monthly

Time-sharing active scenes, refined understanding of user habits

According to the live broadcast user usage scenario, under the stable network environment with fixed WiFi, the user activity is relatively high, and the nighttime active scale is also more frequent. From the Yiguan Qianfan data we can see: The number of active participants in the 24-hour live broadcast is floating at 200,000. The active period is from 2 am to 6 pm with active peaks are basically from 8 pm to 11 pm, reaching 280,000. However, by comparing the active data of September-October 2017, we found that in October 2017, the highest peak of the live-time time-sharing appeared in the morning from 10:00 to 11:00, close to 450,000.


September 2017 Showself’s Time-Sharing Active Number

October 2017 Showself’s time-sharing active number

Young talented female anchor, solving male middle-aged greasy

Accurate user images can be targeted to fine-tune user operations. Especially in the second half of the mobile Internet, which is fighting for growth and consolidation. Through the analysis of Yiguan Qianfan data, male users accounted for 70.48% of the gender attributes, and females accounted for 29.51%. The proportion of male users continued to increase, and male users have obvious preferences.

The female anchors of live broadcast occupy an absolute position, corresponding to the male traffic flow, the young talented female anchors are solving the male middle-aged greasy. In terms of age distribution, from the data of Showself in October 2017, middle-aged users aged 31 to 35 accounts for nearly 40% of the total, while other age groups are relatively balanced.


October 2017 Show Live User Attributes

The male career in this age group began to stabilize and the income level was moderately high. The feedback on spending power was also dominated by moderate consumption. If Showself continues to optimize its own platform operations, it may allow core users to invest more time and money.


October 2017 Show Live User Attributes

Channel Sinking, tapping potential of low-line market users

In terms of geographical distribution of users, first-tier cities accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 32.81%, followed by third-tier cities accounting for 22.88%. Super first-line users account for a small proportion, and the live domain head application grabs users and traffic. We have seen that users in the first-line, third-line and non-linear ratios have an advantage over the show, and the promotion of second-tier cities and user operations may be able to harvest a wider range of user traffic and brand influence.


October 2017 Show live broadcast user territory attribute

Specific to the urban distribution, Xinyu City in Jiangxi Province accounted for 6.69%, Suqian City in Jiangsu Province accounted for 3.29%, followed by Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and other big cities. Compared with September, the top three users are ranked in Chongqing, Guangzhou and Wuhan. It can be seen that the proportion of Showselfusers in the city has changed greatly. The phenomenon of the emergence of second- and third-tier cities has frequently appeared. The sinking of the user market, the development and deep-rooted medium-sized cities neglected by the live-head enterprises may be the new direction for its sustainable development and operation.