Showself hosts festival: meet a better you

Published on : 08 December 2017

"Every host is a partner, we share here, grow here, accompany each other here, invite love, to meet the better you." On the 12th of December, Showself Live Broadcast Festival is going to take place as scheduled. The hosts are young, dynamic and coming from diverse group. It is now considered as a comprehensive career. A good network of host often entertain tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of people online and in real-time. How to make such a large group have a sense of belonging is one of the focuses of all live broadcast platforms.

During the 12.12 hosts festival, the platform set up an invitation list for hosts, and a unique list for players. The platform will send a gift to the host/player who receives/sends a special number of "love letters" to create a romantic show for the main broadcast. As mentioned in the platform poster, 12.12 invites love to love, love to speak out loud.

"By creating the host festival, I hope to let more people know about the host, and let the hosts in the platform feel the love and attention from us," said the person in charge of Showself. "I hope to be with all the hosts in the platform. Grow in the future!"