He Xiaowu, CEO of Scienjoy: Metaverse Support Needs Expansion with Technology Development

Published on : 30 December 2021

On November 13, 2021, He Xiaowu, CEO of Scienjoy, guested on Tiger Talk of Phoenix TV with digital human technology, discussing metaverse with experts and scholars. He Xiaowu holds that the metaverse is driven by human needs, and it supports needs expansion with technology development, and that metaverse is key to the future development of internet industry, therefore we must embrace it.


On the show, the host Hu Yihu demonstrated digital human technology, and more people got a basic knowledge of metaverse scenes. In the future, Scienjoy will apply digital human technology to its core business--live streaming scenes, making it one of the elements of Scienjoys construction of streaming metaverse.


In streaming metaverse, every user has a personal digital identity (virtual image), and every digital identity can transfer from an original content receiver into a content creator. By enriching perception and improving the experience, it allows users to build stronger correlations in the community and extend their creativity as well as possibilities. Experiences that metaverse gave users is above the rules in reality and above physical space-time view. He Xiaowu said, the charm of metaverse is that one can experience countless lives in it.


With the development and breakthroughs of technologies such as communication networks, cloud computing, AI, AR/VR/MR, big data, blockchain, digital twin, and digital human, metaverse will not remain a concept but a real, available thing. In fact, the description of metaverse still lacks imagination, just as when internet emerged, the public could never imagine and predict with accuracy how internet will shape human society nowadays. In He Xiaowus view, Metaverse must be the outcome of co-development of technology and civilization. It is a leap supporting our needs with technological development.

Of course, many questions still need discussion in the process of embracing metaverse, such as social ethics, legal regulation, and boundary generalization. Multi-perspective exploration is needed to construct framework consensus in a decentralized metaverse. He Xiaowu believes that digital human many problems will be calibrated gradually as the metaverse develops.  

Essentially, metaverse is to fulfill our pursuit of a better life.


He Xiaowu is optimistic about the future, metaverse is a digital world constructed through technology, not ivory-towered. It is a surreal virtual world combining the physical and digital world. The development of technology aims to better fulfill human needs, considering from this perspective, the future of human beings can be infinite, of course, it can go to virtual reality.