From madness to rationality, from entertainment to seriousness - how long the live broadcast industry has gone

Published on : 22 November 2017

Under the general trend of entertainment advances, China's live entertainment industry is also undergoing a transformation from crazy to rational state as it is experiencing rapid earning and capital chasing. Industry supervision is gradually improving  and a new round of competition is taking place. However, no matter how the platform and the form of communication change, one principal stays the same: Content and service are the core. It is undeniable that a huge market of 15 billion yuan has taken shape. It is estimated that the live broadcast market will reach 60 billion yuan in 2020. The live broadcast economy has been pushed to an unprecedented new heights.

How do we build a new live broadcast ecosystem? How do we find out the true value of live broadcasts in an effective way? How professional services are developed? What are the ways of game? How far can the imagination of the live economy be derived? Under the trend of entertainment upgrade, how can the live broadcast platform use the diversified professional services to seize opportunities? The thinking of these platforms is always an important topic in the industry.

On November 17th, “Showself Entertainment • Different from what you think” 2017 Showself Entertainment Media Salon will greet you in Beijing. They are focusing on innovative management, redefining the value connection between entertainment and live broadcast, and exploring the promotion of entertainment and live broadcast ecology.

Ms. Wang Minhui, Director of Showself Entertainment Market, said in her speech: Showself is based on a large number of users. At present, in addition to the main platform "showself", it also has a number of platforms such as "Lehai TV", "Haixiu TV", "Hongle TV", "Beeshow TV". The new economy has been vigorously deployed to create an entertainment O2O model with mobile Internet features. In the future, we will further develop in the field of video live broadcasting, integrate the vertical field of video live broadcasting, and carry out differentiated development.


Refined content to achieve industry development momentum

An industry with strong vitality, refined and distinctive content is the key to success. The traditional live broadcast form attracts attention with the value of the face and the topic. In the era of frequent public fatigue, this form is effective in the short term, but in the long run it is ruthlessly killing the vitality of the host. In the era of user payment, the demand for refined content is gradually emerging.

The “Live+” format integrates more entertainment elements and creates a new imagination for live broadcasts. For example, combining the current hot Internet of Things with live broadcast. The combination of new variety and live broadcast will bring new breakthroughs and create greater value for the live broadcast industry. For Showself’s first try such as "catch the doll live show", innovative variety exploration, etc., the participating media gave high praise. They believe that based on the O2O innovation development model, offline entertainment form is inserted into the wings of live broadcast. Based on the powerful software development technology as the background, while creating more possibilities, "live +" will also fly better and fly higher.


Diversified development leads the new trend of live broadcasting

The “energy value” of the platform determines how far the platform can go. With the popularity of the Internet and the mobile Internet, people's dependence on online features has increased. After the 90s and 00s, they are becoming the main force in the creation and consumption of social values. They like to try new things which are simple and convenient. There are energetic and have opinions. The more comprehensive the service provided by the platform for users, the more diverse the value provided, and the more the platform can be made bigger and stronger, according to the needs of users.

Diversified development has undoubtedly become an inevitable trend of platform development. E-sports, variety shows, interactive games, etc. can be injected into live sections. Therefore, more live broadcast content will also promote more forms of profit model. Wang Minhui, director of Showself Marketing, said that by then, except for rewards and realizations, there will be more kinds of games such as game realization, advertising realization and so on. The reward and incentive method makes the environment of live content output has become a benign development.


Green development is the live platform lifeline

In the development process of the live broadcast industry, it experienced the abnormal period of content vulgarity. The live broadcast industry is abandoning vulgar content; creating a green, full-energy webcast content. At the same time, it is also building a green live broadcast environment.

“Artificial+Artificial Intelligence” is becoming the new supervision of the industry's green development. It is understood that Showself Platform is the first live broadcast platform to introduce sensitive information of third-party image recognition. Artificial intelligence (AI) uses technology to find non-compliant content in the fastest time and Intelligence system alarms to labor. At the first time of AI intervention, Showself will regard compliance development as the lifeline of platform development, so that green development will not fail.

"Not only blocking, but also sparse." How can we create more exciting content and present more positive content? The live broadcast is the content output of the hosts. The quality and training of the hosts is very important. Live broadcast platform introduces  third-party cooperation organization to let the hosts get good training, hence enabling them to create better content. “The Showself platform requires cooperation with the guild (family) to conduct daily training and management of the host, to dig deeper into more talented hosts, and to expand more active live content.”


Entertainment is no longer "entertainment"

Ms. Wang Minhui, the media salon of Showself marketing director, summed up that,  “We emphasize in the process of development, always insist on doing one thing at a time, focus on the right time, and do team building and research on the live industry market. In addition, in the product and operation, we pursue differentiated development. For the first time, we put the activities and games on the platform of the live broadcast. We respect everyone in the operation, whether it is the head or the low-ranking host.