Showself helps Arxan Mountain to eliminate poverty

Published on : 19 August 2020

The year 2020 will be the last year of China’s 13th Five Year Plan, aiming to eliminate poverty and building a prosperous society. In order to help alleviate poverty in Arxan mountain, streamers from Showself came to Arxan Mountain, Inner Mongolia to show the audiences the beautiful scene and the delicious food. They promoted and sold local products and promoted the comprehensive recovery of cultural and tourism industry. At the same time, the Publicity Department of Arxan Mountain’s Municipal Committee awarded the host of Showself live broadcast platform the title of "Arxan Mountain's Expert on Poverty Alleviation".

Form August 14th to August 17th, the culture and tourism market management department, cultural heritage department, local municipal, China industry association (live performance) jointly organized the "explore over water and beauty" series of activities in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region. Showself and other media participated in this event. They utilized the new mode of short video, e-commerce, and new media training to introduce the specialty of the Arxan Mountain.

In the gathering activity, many streamers and internet influencer gathered in Arxan Mountain to celebrate their tradition festival – Holy Water Festival. The total broadcasting time over three days was 51.4 hours, with 1.653 million views watched online.

Arxan Mountain owns many water resources. There is an ancient and magical water culture. The Holy Water Festival was grandly opened on August 15th. Streamers watched the holy water ceremony, cultural performances, spring bath experience, and other traditional activities. They also conveyed the concept of "loving water, respecting water and protecting water" to streaming audiences so that they could understand the history and the culture of the Holy Water Festival.

During the three-day gathering activity, streamers from Showself Live broadcasting platform went to 5A-rated scenic spots such as Arxan National Forest Park, Wusulangzi Lake and other famous spots to enjoy the local natural scenery. They also went to Xikou Village in the southern part of Axran, visited the new poverty alleviation village, experienced the special family-owned hotel, tasted the local roasted sheep and other special food, entered the mineral water factory, and enjoyed the holy spring water. They visited Axran Mountain’s Railway Station, which is one of the ten most beautiful railway stations in China, and visited the shooting places of Dear Inn and Running Man (Chinese TV shows).

In addition, after the event, the host released some short videos of Arxan Mountain, which will make a comprehensive impression of senses, vision, and hearing and offer the viewers have unusual experiences of Arxan Mountain, thus stimulating them to travel to Arxan Mountain.

E-commerce is a new driving force for China's economic development and a new way to combat poverty. In order to enhance featured tourism products of Arxan Mountain, Axran city will organize web celebrity tourism live broadcast competition of "Arxan impression".

The purpose of promoting e-commerce and internet celebrity talents is to improve the development of e-commerce in Arxan city, to accelerate the application of live broadcast e-commerce in the field of poverty alleviation, and to actively promote the external awareness of Arxan city, therefor developing the transformation and development of e-commerce projects, tourism and other industries.

To achieve the goal of poverty alleviation and help local people increase their income, short video platform and MCN business experts set up a class about marketing skills training in terms of new media, talent training, and promoting the vigorous development of Arxan Mountain’s business.

The courses include Internet live broadcast content regulation, excellent live broadcast case analysis, e-commerce live broadcast sales skills, operation experience, etc. The goal is to create and cultivate local Internet celebrities, to gather local quality resources, and to establish the image of Axran Mountain.

During the three days’ journey, streamers from Showself live streaming platform took the audience through all the great mountains, let more people know about the beautiful scenery and customs. It is beneficial for promoting the tourism industry of Axran Mountain.

One of the streamers said that it is his first time to explore the different culture and it is amazing to show the audiences the beautiful scene through the platform. In the future, he will use his resources to boost the development of the tourism industry.